Strategic partnerships key in advancing broad-spectrum impact

Partnerships strengthen entities for more impact.

Edinah Kangwana MBS, MHC, Founder and CEO, Arise Circle KE, having a moment with a Kereri Girls High School student. PHOTO/Courtesy.
  • Role modeling is among the surest ways to help young people see the future and the projected fruits of their potential.
  • The Role Modelling Initiative by Edinah Kangwana on-boarded Arise Circle KE in the school mentorship mission collaborative partnership with Top Talent Agency and Civility Tours and Travel.
  • The collaboration allowed the three entities to reach out to over 12,000 students within a week.

Mentorship and empowerment are the pathways to nurturing informed and well-exposed youth in Kenya And beyond.

Role modeling is among the surest ways to help young people see the future and the projected fruits of their potential through the eyes of those who have gone ahead of them and walked in the corridors of the careers the young learners are set to walk in the near future.  

For a week, from September 11-17, 2023, representing and leading the Role Modeling Initiative, the social wing of Arise Circle KE, with other international speakers and transformational leaders, I have been able to reach out to and empower over 12,000 students for mentorship and role modeling sessions in Kisii County and beyond.

The outreach covered 16 schools, the highest number to reach within a week so far.

The Role Modelling Initiative by Edinah Kangwana on-boarded Arise Circle KE in the school mentorship mission collaborative partnership with Top Talent Agency, a publishing and leadership development organization from the USA, and Civility Tours and Travel, a tour and travels company promoting tourism development in Kenya.

Ms. Kangwana is also the Founder of the Role Modelling Initiative. She says when entities partner, they become stronger and more multi-faceted in delivering impactful services to communities and other areas of engagement. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The entities aimed at impacting the young lives of school-going children through mentorship and empowerment.

Arise Circle KE’s role

In this, our work as Arise Circle KE was to secure school appointments for Top Talent Agency and coordinate the host schools for the mentorship program, leveraging the good relationships that the Role Modelling Initiative has shaped with schools over the years.

The Top Talent Agency team, led by David Fagan and Isabel-Donadio Fagan, has been in Kenya for some time now.

With their first visit this year, the second in Kenya, being on February 2023, this September’s visit was the second one this year.

On every visit, they come with over 10 delegates drawn from the USA and other countries of the globe.

During this visit, we visited a number of learning institutions, including Ezesha Plus Kenya in Kayole, Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Manga Girls, Itierio Girls, Itierio Boys, Mobamba High School, Nyamuya Secondary, Nyamuya Primary, Cardinal Otunga High School, Kereri Girls High School and Sekinani Girls in Narok County, among others.

Ms. Kangwana addressing Cardinal Otunga High School students. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Top Talent Agency had 10 delegates, representing different entities drawn from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Business Consultancy Services, Women Empowerment, Education Development, Authorship, Motivational Speaking, and Publishing, among others.

Multifaceted empowerment

From one learning institution to the other, students were taken through different topics ranging from goal setting, life skills, leadership skills development, self-esteem building, self-awareness, gender-based violence, women empowerment and personal motivation for stellar academic performance and a focus to achieve success in life.

The delivery was through engaged participatory public speaking and a bit of demonstrative & experiential learning.

A number of needy/vulnerable students received sponsorship to afford them the right and privilege to continue to access education seamlessly. Schools like Nyamuya and Nyamuya received computers and water tanks for rainwater harvesting.

I was elated to see how the students warmed up to the sessions, with a number glued to their pens as they noted down the wise messages that the guests were enthusiastically sharing with them.

Ms. Adkins and Ms. Lew appreciate their fellow women leaders for their impact through community service. PHOTO/Courtesy.

You could see in their eyes how some of the nuggets provoked them to realize that they were very lucky to have the gift of being in school and that, indeed, education is an equalizer.

Amazing team

I personally had an opportunity to meet incredible leaders from the world who were part of the Top Talent Agency delegation from USA and the amazing team in the learning institutions that hosted us, including the school principals, deputies, guidance and counseling teams, and the teaching and non-teaching staff.

David Fagan and Isabel-Donadio Fagan, co-founders of Top Talent Agency; Teresa Lawrence, an author and international speaker; Karissa Adkins, Founder of The Alpha Queen Collective and a Mindset and Empowerment Coach;

Leslie Lew, a best-selling author, Women’s Empowerment Coach, International Speaker and the Founder of Reclaiming Your Courage; Perran and Loretta Wetzel, proprietors of The Wetzel Group Inc.; Mark Geroux, an international speaker;

Janice Burt, an author, motivational speaker and certified Spanish-English Interpreter, and Amb. Dominic Obadiah, a civility and peace ambassador and the Founder and CEO, Civility Tours and Travel.

Ms. Kangwana posing for a photo with David and Isabel-Donadio Fagan. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Impacted lives

At Ezesha Plus College in Kayole, Nairobi County, we equipped over 500 young minds; at Kenyatta University, nearly 1,000 students were empowered.

At Itierio Boys and Girls, we empowered nearly 1600 students, 750 at Manga Girls, and 2200 at Mobamba High School.

At Nyamuya Community Schools (5 schools collectively), we spoke to around 500 young learners and at Cardinal Otunga High School, we spoke to 2,600 young learners.

At Kereri Girls, over 3,000 students were reached and at Sekenani Girls High School in Narok, we empowered nearly 750 students.

In total, the team collaboratively reached and empowered nearly 12,900 students.

The team also purchases menstrual hygiene products for the girls, helping them to stay in school even during their menstrual days.

Ms. Adkins, Ms. Lew, Ms. Kangwana and Mrs. Wetzel, with menstrual products for the girls. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The ripple effect of these empowerment sessions are a transformed generation, a positively-minded and future-oriented young people, equipped and readied to conquer the world.

Our focus

As Role Modelling Initiative, we focus on visiting schools and sharing with them our own experiences, especially through the involvement of alumni returning to their institutions to impact the young ones.

We are open to collaborative partnership in the areas of leadership development, organizational structure creation, consultancy services, training and capacity building, team building and any other related activities in line with our key mandate.

We are flexible enough to co-create as desired by our clients. We are excellent in event planning, execution and management with global standards.

Kereri Girls students aiming at the moon. Role Modeling enables young people to see life through the lenses of those who’ve been ahead of them. PHOTO/Courtesy.

We are also seeking partners and collaborators in delivering on Corporate Social Responsibility programs, as in the case of school missions, to support education development, community service, fight against climate change, and promoting gender and youth development, among others.

More about us

Arise Circle KE is a Kenyan-based Leadership and Organizational Development Organization. We serve Kenya, Africa and beyond.

Our visionary mindset is in raising authentic leaders and organizations centered on authentic, value-based, transformational and servanthood leadership.

We execute our transformational mandate and promise through tailored leadership executive coaching, role modeling and mentorship, experiential training, peer-to-peer learning, and benchmarking.

Organizational structures, systems and process creation, re-structuring and re-engineering using tried and tested world-class leadership principles that are inclusive, diverse, and resilient in the emerging globalization era of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & ambiguity(VUCA).

Ms. Kangwana sharing her nuggets with students at Mobamba High School. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Our innovative and collaborative initiatives can birth a culture of human-centered leaders and powered visionary organizations that are transformative to drive organizational performance, people wholistic development, and the achievement of society sustainable & inclusive development.

We have aligned our mission and vision to Kenya’s Vision 2030, Africa’s Agenda 2063, and the 17 SDGs.

Our vision is to be a center of excellence for leadership and organizational development that ignites and empowers all, in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

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Our mission is to create, empower and transform leaders and organizations that drive authentic and transformative, high-achieving cultures that are adaptable and sustainable through leadership, executive coaching, role modeling and mentorship, experiential training and organizational structures, processes and systems creation, restructuring and re-engineering.

To learn more and benefit from our transformative services, feel free to reach out to us via LinkedIn at Arise Circle KE or +254 722513505.

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Ms. Kangwana is a Leadership and Governance practitioner championing Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion. She is also a columnist with Scholar Media Africa. Her contact:


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