From campus buddies to business partners, the journey to Siha Organic

Seif Waziri (left) and Paul Rugendo, owners of Siha Organic Grocery Stores in Nauru city. They aim at promoting healthy living. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Seif Waziri (left) and Paul Rugendo, owners of Siha Organic Grocery Stores in Nauru city. They aim at promoting healthy living. PHOTO/Courtesy.
  • The grocery aims to enhance healthy living through fresh, organic foods.
  • The duo is also employing technology for better agricultural approaches.
  • They envision being the greatest agricultural producers and suppliers regionally.

Imagine meeting your future business partner in college. This is the story of Seif Waziri and Paul Rugendo. 

What started as a conversation over shared passions one Saturday in June 2019 has become a successful organic store over the years. 

Rugendo and Waziri met at Egerton University and pursued a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. This is no surprise that they would thrive in their business.

Bridging healthy living gap

It all started as a discussion that came up about increased deaths due to unhealthy living. 

There had been consequent deaths of many people that came about with unhealthy living. 

Waziri and Rugendo noticed the gap in unhealthy living and the increased rates of lifestyle diseases, and it inspired them to be part of the change.

They saw how unhealthy and processed foods had dominated the market —which led them to embark on a journey to promote overall well-being and health. This was possible through Waziri’s love for fitness and Rugendos’s interest in farming.

Boosting new beginnings

Waziri stumbled upon the Nakuru Box in 2019 as he was scrolling through Facebook. He reached out and attended meetings every Thursday.

Nakuru Box is a forum passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and paves the way for individuals like Waziri and Rugendo to achieve more in their ventures.

Through the platform, they learned about the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre through the Ministry of ICT, which granted Siha Organic Store a KSh1 million grant that kick-started their dream. 

This money went into their operations. Some of the money was invested in paying funds to set up the shop and buy a motorcycle- which would be used for deliveries.

Who are Siha?

The term “Siha” is a Kiswahili word that means “good health”. It perfectly embodies the mission of the store. 

Siha Organic is dedicated to promoting its clients’ well-being through organic, fresh produce and agricultural training.

Siha Organic store is located in Nakuru city, in Shaabab, next to Quickmart Supermarket.

It is a haven for those who are passionate about everything healthy living.

Organic spices and supplements by Siha Organic. PHOTO/Courtesy.

From the moment you walk into the store, it is evident that Siha Organic store is not your ordinary grocery store or kibanda, as most people would be familiar with.

The cabinets are lined with an array of fresh, organic produce that is locally produced. 

The store offers a range of supplements and healthy juice combos, ensuring that customers find all they need to lead a healthy lifestyle under one roof.

Model farms

Siha Organic’s success can be attributed to its agricultural training service and incorporation of seed propagation at its model farms. 

Over two years down the line, Siha Organic Grocery Store has tremendously grown with two model farms in Subukia and Nyeri. 

They grow onions and tomatoes in Nyeri and grow vegetables such as cabbages, sukumawiki, and herbs on their Subukia farm.

“We also have a farm in Ngong, where we have incorporated technology in terms of IoT, so we can measure the weather patterns, moisture, water content, temperature and humidity,” says Waziri.

In agriculture, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to using sensors, cameras, and other devices to turn every element and action involved in farming into data for accurate and reliable insights.

Waziri reports that they know of a seed bank area in Gilgil where they source indigenous seeds, which he claims are different from the ones grown today. 

Siha Organic is setting the standard for sustainable and healthy food production. This is by ensuring quality control, having access to quality seedlings and seeds, and access to the right agricultural information.

E-commerce platform

With the world rapidly transitioning and embracing the digital space, Siha Organic has not been left behind. 

The grocery store has an e-commerce platform where clients can conveniently order their fresh organic produce from the comfort of their homes and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

A layout of the Siha Organic e-commerce platform for online ordering of their products. PHOTO/Courtesy.
A layout of the Siha Organic e-commerce platform for online ordering of their products. PHOTO/Courtesy.

It is simplified and convenient shopping for clients, saving them time.

Siha Organic targets the youth, and the store aims at maximizing its online presence to reach them. 

This is a game-changer. The grocery has grown to serve over 1000 customers monthly, from the common mwananchi to mama mboga and eateries.

The future of farming

Waziri is passionate about the value chains of agriculture. He is keen on food safety and traceability. 

Rugendo and Waziri plan to incorporate blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to enhance farming practices. 

Using drones, they will analyze and collect weather and farm data, apply fertilizers, and spray crops. This will result in proper planning of the farming calendar, hence increasing productivity. 

Integration of blockchain technology will help allow transparency through smart contracts. This, in return, will enhance traceability and trust in the supply chain. 

It is a bold move that anticipates revolutionizing Kenya’s organic farming industry.


Siha Organic has faced quite a few challenges.

“Organic farming is not an easy journey,” Rugendo points out. However, Siha Organic has managed to soldier on. 

Their passion for promoting good health through organic farming keeps them going.

“We are dealing with perishable products; we are not in control when the produce spoils. That is usually challenging,” Waziri says.

Another challenge is the issue of transportation. Their farm in Nyeri is approximately 166.8km away from Nakuru, which poses a challenge in transporting produce. 

Some of the perishable produce at Siha Organic Grocery. PHOTO/Courtesy.

It is also time-consuming to occasionally visit the farm and check their crops’ progress. Siha Organic has three permanent employees and five farm workers who help them leverage the work.

Short-term vision

In the short term, Siha Organic hopes to expand their grocery stores around Nakuru city. They plan to add more stores to their network. 

This will allow them to serve the community better and meet the growing demand for healthy organic food. In addition to expanding its physical locations, Siha Organic is looking to maximize its online presence.

With the E-commerce platform, their clients can order their groceries easily. “We are working to improve the customer experience on the website, this is to allow customers to navigate through the platform and also access it with ease”, Waziri said. Siha Organic hopes to tap into the youth market and best cater to clients who prefer the convenience of online shopping.

In the long run

Siha Organic has big plans for the coming years. 

The seven-year plan is to expand beyond Nakuru city and tap into other major towns and cities like Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, and mainly, Nairobi. 

They plan to explore wider regional markets in East Africa and further into the African continent. Siha’s goal is to become the leading organic food supplier across the region.

To achieve this, Siha Organic plans to invest in cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. 

By analyzing weather and farm data using drones, increase productivity, and improve farming practices.

Additionally, Siha Organic plans to continue investing in its model farms. This is by producing high-quality organic produce, using quality seedlings and seeds, and investing in farming techniques and machines.

The end-game

Since its inception in 2019, Siha Organic has come a long way. 

Spices and supplements, all organic, by Siha Organic Grocery Stores, Nakuru. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Spices and supplements, all organic, by Siha Organic Grocery Stores, Nakuru. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Theirs is a success story that depicts the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Waziri and Rugendo’s passion for entrepreneurship and promoting good health through organic farming has led to a thriving business that creates opportunities for others.

With plans in place to integrate technology, Siha Organic Grocery store is on the cusp of revolutionalizing organic farming in Kenya and beyond. 

While there have been challenges along the way, they have shown that anything is possible with a clear vision and determination.

Siha Organic is more than just a grocery store; it is a movement towards sustainable food production and healthy living. 

Through their approach and small contributions, they have managed to bridge the gap in healthy living and inspire people to take action. 

It has been a successful navigation through uncharted waters to cope with a brand that is synonymous with quality products, customer satisfaction, and healthy living. 

This story is proof of the pursuit of a dream, passion, hard work, innovation, and dedication to creating change.

With more people becoming familiar with the benefits of healthy living and consuming organic foods, Siha Organic is poised for success. 

You, dear reader, deserve healthy and fresh food.

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Next time you are in Nakuru, Shaabab area, ensure you stop by Siha Organic Grocery store and grab a fruit slice or juice or, even better, have your groceries delivered to your doorstep effortlessly. 

Not only will you be part of a success story, but you will also be improving your health.

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