Mogusii tea farmers demand management overhaul

Mogusii tea farm in Borabu Constituency is in the verge of collapsing over what its over 200 members call mismanagement of proceeds from the business.

The company has over 600 acres under tea.

It has faced many financial challenges in the recent past and could be headed into bankruptcy if swift measures are not taken, according to farmers.

Addressing journalists, the farmers noted that the current management had run the company into debts amounting to over Ksh150 million.

They urged the government and relevant authorities to chip in and safe their only source of livelihood from collapsing.

Meshack Ochengo, one of the founding members of the estate, said that that over Ksh13 million compensated for the road that runs through the farm was not equitably shared among the 200 members.

He said that there was no clear guideline on how the money was utilized

He said some members were either kept in the dark or never compensated at all.

He said every member was to be compensated with Ksh 65,000 but to his shock, a few were compensated with only Ksh 25,000 with the discretion of the management.

Billiah Matara, another member, said that the farm manager Mr. Erastus Nyamwaya had decided to finish the enterprise by running it like a family property.

She said the manager, had not been consulting on key decisions.

She also accused him of nepotism in employing staff at the farm.

Workers in the farm claimed that they have remained unpaid for the last seven months.

Social security remittances had also been done to respective firms.

Over 150 workers are employed at the tea estate.

The manager on his hand said that the farmers have not been doing inquiries from him.

Nyamweya said that the company has been servicing huge loans inherited from former office bearers.

A police officer walks past a burnt tea weighing center of Mogusii farm on Tuesday last week. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

However, the farmers vowed not to pluck their tea until he vacates the position of manager.

This, they said, will pave way for a smooth audit of the accounts of the farm and establish the problem ailing the farm.

Earlier last week, some irate farmers burnt tea bushes and makeshift houses that serve as tea weighing centers as a sign of dissatisfaction with the management.

Police were called in in to disperse them.

FEATURED PHOTO: Mogusii tea farm members locked outside the farm’s offices as they demanded exit of the manager whom they accuse of mismanaging the farm. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

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