2023 Intake Open University of Kenya
2023 Intake Open University of Kenya

Cynthia Nayla Irandu

A house lit on solar power, which is renewable. Africa has over 640 million people without access to power energy, though a great deal of Africa’s renewable power potential lies untapped. Photo/Bernhard Lang/Getty Images
There is a huge demand for affordable modern sources of energy in the continent. Africa has the world’s lowest levels of per capita use of modern energy attributable to its increasingly high population. Countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt have experienced high fuel prices, and this could double the energy subsidy burdens.  In Ethiopia and Uganda, fuel taxes have been...
For those of you who enjoy drama, comedy, love, personal adventure and solar energy, well, this is for you. Virtual Colleagues, a new TV show is for you.  The Series is entirely virtual with the Cast having interactions, casting, rehearsing and acting entirely online via Zoom, other multimedia and online platforms and showcasing the series on YouTube. This shows how powerful technology...