2023 Intake Open University of Kenya
2023 Intake Open University of Kenya

Furechi Joyline

Ms. Joyline, a Communication and Public Relations student, has interests in writing about Arts, Travel, Health, Beauty, Science, Leaders, Technology, Personal experience stories, Lifestyle, Case studies, How-to features and Review features. Her contact: kabbeyfurechi@gmail.com
Ramskie Duevela has been battling epilepsy since birth. He had to change schools four times due to the condition. He now uses photography to tell stories related to epilepsy. PHOTO/Courtesy.
He was born with the health condition. Despite challenges, he has never allowed the condition to define him. He spends approximately KSh12,000 monthly for medication. In a world where many people struggle to find their purpose, Ramskie Duevela, 32, wears the hat of an independent photographer from Kenya, his photosensitive epilepsy notwithstanding.  His story is not the usual old wives’ tale,...