BOOK REVIEW: My take on a rare poetic play

On reading Zziwa Zinabala’s poetic play – it raised a plethora of queries than answers. It is a farrago of sentiments in his book.

For those who have not yet gotten the book; the author navigates a rare love triangle. This love triangle has a spirit, as the third person.

As you realise spirits have no feelings, feel no pain but can inflict pain to others.

In this poetic play, The Incubus, The Muchwezi adorned in his agreement of 20 years with the Father of the Flower, Francis.

He claimed a bride, the daughter of Francis. Desperation led Francis into a shrine, on which he gave his ever first daughter to a spirit husband in exchange for wealth (this is seen in a flashback setting).

This slayed the relationship between the Flower and The Suitor.

The Suitor reaching into his home shrine to solve the crisis of the lover but still, the power of the dead overwhelms his fragile body.

He gives up the fight as he moves out of her life, depressed. However, we learn on, that later, the Flower ends her life. She would not take on this kind of bouts of pain.

This book explains no answers; it raises many questions about spirituality of the body.

On different accounts, I got entangled into how divine my body is — it was an awareness feat, that I ought it to myself that we have STDs (Sexually Transmitted Demons).

I read a dark book in a tragedy form. My eyes were welled up in tears. It was exhaustingly sad seeing a character suffering but still no solution in her life.

The rape scene supped my energies, I kept the book aside for a while and wept. The Flower was carrying a cross.

A heavy laden that she even questions the purpose of life. What a pity!

This is an informative poetic play explaining about spirituality.

Mr. Zziwa Zinabala, the author. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Many writers, tend not to engage in such work due to the fear about how sad it would look on the paper.

They then give the world the realities of imaginations, but forget to write about real life experiences.

Zziwa has the courage, he has manifested it on the paper.

This is not a regular book we read for fun, this is a mind exhausting realities of life.

I can only thank the writer for opening my eyes about what really Flowers mean.

Flowers, many of them. Have thorns. It is premonition that pretty faces, often have darker secrets.

In the lull of the night, The Muchwezi feasts on this innocent soul (The Flower). So tempting to witness such a scene on a stage.

This is not ordinary play. This is modus operandi in our society. Fathers stake their children for wealth.

Different character selection was well thought about. Maama Katula came on the scene for only 10 seconds but she sent me spinning with laughter.

She was a comic relief agent in this sad book. The Cell horde, the emissary of the gospel of God reflectively failed to solve The Flower’s problem.

The none judgemental character in the poetic play is the Flower’s admirer.

He nurses her fears, and tries to understand. He is such a sweet soul.

The Suitor with his poetic punchlines is “The Coward of the country” he could not fight back, such a brute! The most annoying character is Michael (The Don Juan).

I loved the local dialect employed in the book. It helped me understand the book a little better in an African manner.

This truly shows that this content is truly African made. This is our daily lives experiences.

The book is addictive. When you start reading, you don’t want to stop until the end. It is a perfect masterpiece!

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