Book Review: Resurrection, A Spy in Hell

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Book Title: Resurrection, A spy in Hell

Author: Prof. Charles Mwema

Reviewer: Stephen Misori

Conscripted into war as a chaplain, Father Stephen Fenner fought on behalf of the Allies in Normandy, France. His bravery and exploits are seen in the medals he earned, which he hung precociously on the wall.

Born in 1920 in Vansingra, Father Fenner entered the seminary at 16 years old, graduating at 21, before becoming the vicar of Qwasadra Parish in 1942.

Resurrection, A Spy in Hell, an 18-chapter novel, begins with the unending romance of a priest sent as a chaplain on a peacekeeping mission.

It is in France where troubles get Fenner and follow him back to Vansingra, where upon his return, rumours begin to swell that he has fathered an illegitimate child.

At a ceremony held at Vansingra City Hall, attended by over a thousand citizens, merriment, music, and speeches dominate as brave soldiers are celebrated on their return from war.

“Today, we gather,” began Don Teddy, the mayor of Vansingra, “to commemorate the brevity of those who, for the sake of our freedom, have shed blood and sacrificed their own lives. Those who defied the callousness of that one madman called Adolf Hitler. And those we honour today…”

As the mayor was addressing the crowd, Fenner was nine hours away to Normandy, France, where he had an affair with Justitia, a naïve young nun who was fresh from the Monterey Missionary Academy in Southern France.

Prof. Mwewa, in this book, exposes the gaps in both earthly and spiritual life, underscoring how a Priest’s choice for marriage exposed a church to near embarrassment, with the Vatican sacrificing him for his immoral behaviour.

In this intriguing story, Resurrection, A Spy in Hell, the author brings to light a young boy enlisted for secret intelligence services, having won the hearts of the Secret Intelligence Services of Canada (SISC).

Kirl, identified for his deep voice, big hazel eyes, and strong legs and arms, was first noticed during a televised debate on the effects of ash from the Alberta Oil Sands.

In chapter 2, Prof. Mwewa narrates the story of two lovers, Kirl and Caroline, who, as fate would have it, share mysterious birth stories. Kirl, born after his mother, Julia, lost memory for four full years. When her condition worsened, John, her husband, released her to her parents in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

For a period not specified, Julia returned with a toddler boy named Kirl.

Caroline is the daughter of Fenner and Justitia, and her birth has been declared illegitimate since Fenner, her father, was a priest. The relationship between her parents was cursed by the church, leading to Fenner’s dismissal as a Priest and Justitia abandoning the convent.
Prof. Mwewa writes about the origin of Kirl’s love journey with Caroline.

He writes, “It was until they paired together in a Shakespearean play, Macbeth, that he began to notice. He played Macbeth, and she played Lady Macbeth.”

Kirl would later become a star spy at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), becoming a genius at investigating student connections to organized crimes and espionage.

The book captures Fenner advising his daughter to love her husband, even as the fate of the marriage between the young couple hangs in the balance.

The author pens, “Despite Caroline finding condoms in her husband’s pocket and a cache of weapons, she is bound by her father’s advice—to always love her husband.”

Another couple is introduced in chapter 3 of this book. Ravinder Cassons, described as a powerful woman, holds five undergraduate degrees, three master’s degrees, and two doctorates in pharmacology as well as in general medicine.

At 48 years old, Ravinder is not married but finally finds a soulmate, Jonah. Unfortunately, they are unable to get a child and resort to adoption. They ended up adopting Caroline’s sister, who, just like Caroline, was an illegitimate child.

The writer writes, “They named her Ravinah: “Ravi” from Ravinder and “nah” from Jonah.

For twenty-two years, Ravinah knew Ravinder and Jonah as her biological parents until Jonah broke the news to her. The search for her parents began in earnest for close to 4 years, but she was unsuccessful.

The story of Caroline and Kirl dominates this novel, as Caroline pleads with Kirl to believe in the resurrection, but Kirl hears none of that. He charges that there is no Christianity, and those who believe in Christianity are a lost generation.

Caroline reminds Kirl that one day he will seek God’s mercy and help.

A sad story unfolds about the death of Kirl. Both Julia and Caroline visit the gravesite every month. Just like Naomi and Ruth, Julia advises Caroline to get married and have children. In the story, Caroline is engaged to Jason, and things go south only three weeks after their wedding.

After a deadly bomb blast in Somalia, Kirl had been taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for plastic surgery. He comes back as a transformed spy, with no traces of family, no wife, and no history.

Prof. Mwewa writes in his book, “Dr Barrack Yekin, an experienced surgeon who specialized in general plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgical operations, was a frequent and sought-after physician who had performed thousands of disguised medical surgeries on many secret agents across the globe.”

Tribulations find Kirl Londe again, this time with Ravinah, whom he had hooked up with. In a coma, he is surrounded by strangers. He fights his battle alone as agents of death trouble his peace in a world he does not understand.

This episode takes him to different worlds, meeting representatives of the dark world. To attend the Great Assembly, his name is changed to Brumalin, and he can hear African languages, European languages, and all the dialects of the islands.

After going through a painful initiation, he concludes he has to shelter himself. With escape in his mind, he explores options, having staged some of the most delicate escapes in his job.

Kirl reminisces about his Kazakh escape.

“He was only 30 meters away from the gate, and standing at attention was a military guard armed with a T68 Splitfire Dual Feed, capable of providing…”

After moments of torture, he regrets why, all along, he ignored God. He was a man who, all his life, knew how to escape danger, dodge calamities and outsmart masterminds.

Fenner’s spirit finally catches up with Kirl, revealing to him that Ravinah is his daughter.

“But where should I go? Can I come there? The soul of Kirl solicits that of Father Fenner’s. In what appears to be a purgatory experience, the spirit of Fenner insists that there is a chasm between Kirl and himself; hence, he can’t cross to the other side.

At this stage, Kirl is reminded to go back to purgatory for purification since the Savior reentered the earth in the resurrection.

After long hours of torture, Kirl finally recovers from Hell’s experience when the Lord’s messenger of knowledge appears to him. He is reminded that even without science, as recently as 1987, Caroline had already believed in God.

In Chapter 10 and Canada, Ravinah is still in a coma. It is here that there is a revelation: women were treated poorly in the world, the same way Kirl mistreated Caroline during their earthly lives. It is at this stage that Kirl is delivered from darkness.

After a long journey in hell, Kirl finally meets angels Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, who explain to him the beauty of believing in Christ.

At this point, he is taken through the role of women in the resurrection, citing Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, as key players in the resurrection.

Angel Raphael takes Kirl to church, and he learns lessons on how Christians perceive human beings, in this case, based on title, class, and wealth.

In Chapter 14, Mwewa narrates how Kirl is welcomed in paradise, where peace dwells. He celebrates love and wants to dwell here.

In chapter 15, Kirl wakes up from a coma and dials Caroline’s number. However, Caroline hooked up with Jason, and everyone is confused about the resurrection of Kirl.

The great reunion finally happens at Julia’s house, where Kirl, now Brother Ezekiel, is accompanied by Ravinah and Pastor Ezigbo.
Justitia, Caroline, and Uncle Jean-Paul arrive last, only to find Ravinah next to Kirl.

This is the story of a lady who meets a gentleman at a conference in Europe, and they fall in love. They are married; after marriage, he is shot, hospitalized, and goes into a coma, but comes back after eleven months.

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