Book Review: The Most Beautiful Thing 

Cover and blurb of The Most Beautiful Thing book by Daisy Nyongesa. COVER DESIGN/InterCEN Publishers.
Cover and blurb of The Most Beautiful Thing book by Daisy Nyongesa. COVER DESIGN/InterCEN Publishers.

Title: The Most Beautiful Thing

Author: Daisy Nyongesa


Cost: KSh. 500

Publisher and Year: InterCEN Publishers, 2024

Reviewer: Barack Wandera

Senator Daisy Nyongesa’s latest book, “The Most Beautiful Thing,” is an engaging addition to the creative non-fiction category. 

In it, Senator Daisy provides valuable guidance and motivation for young women striving for success.

Drawing from her own experiences and those of other notable individuals, she aims to inspire girls and young women to stay focused on their goals rather than being swayed by temporary pleasures. 

Many women often find themselves caught in this cycle, abandoning their ambitions and losing themselves in the routine of ordinary lives.

The book begins with an endorsement from Senator Zipporah Kittony, the longest-serving Chairperson of Maendeleo ya Wanawake, a women’s lobby group. 

Senator Daisy Nyongesa, the book author. PHOTO/Courtesy (Supplied).

Senator Kittony praises Daisy for her efforts in empowering women and youth, reflecting a strong commitment to shaping the future of the nation’s youth. 

The author’s contribution, as demonstrated by Senator Kittony, shows that the efforts of numerous women in the past have finally borne fruit.

Additionally, Dr. Victoria Mukite celebrates The Most Beautiful Thing, as a work whose time has truly come, describing it as not just a guide but “a companion, a mentor, and a beacon of wisdom to navigate the challenges that await them, ensuring that every girl emerges resilient and empowered.”

Professor Egara Kabaji, Senator Daisy’s esteemed teacher, writes the foreword, emphasizing that the book transcends not only gender but also the era it speaks to, offering useful and uplifting snippets that carry eternal wisdom.

The book is divided into six chapters, with the first chapter emphasizing the importance of awakening one’s greatness, aligning with the creator, and following the four Cs: character, competency, capacity, and chemistry.

 Other key points include love, confidence, self-esteem, persistent pursuit of dreams, mastery of one’s domain, and fostering healthy relationships.

Senator Daisy also advocates for the power of women as influencers, multipliers, and homemakers, among other qualities.

Barack Wandera, book reviewer. PHOTO/Courtesy (Supplied).

The book further outlines 30 goals that women should pursue before reaching the age of 30, such as acquiring a college degree or its equivalent, discovering one’s passion, starting a business as a side hustle, eating healthy foods, joining a club, getting a coach, and loving oneself.

I strongly recommend this book for teenage girls and young women. It offers advice on overcoming obstacles and finding one’s true calling.

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The author’s personal struggles evoke powerful feelings in readers, establishing a strong bond with the book. Her eventual triumphs inspire a deep connection with the reader.

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