Kakamega Career Expo readies more youths for the job market

Purity Bagada (second left), a German tutor, joins her students to represent their school, Kakamega Foreign Languages Center, during the Kakamega Career Expo on November 4. PHOTO/Joseph Otieno, Scholar Media Africa.
  • Attending job fairs allows job searchers to interact with potential employers face-to-face, submit their resumes, and learn more about the range of open roles.
  • Attending these events can be a great way to network with professionals from different industries. 
  • The majority of institutions lack the resources or motivation to give prospective students thorough information about the programs that are offered.

The Kakamega Career Expo was held on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Approved School grounds to empower young minds, open opportunities and foster networking, which would enable students and the community at large to interact with potential employers and recruiters. 

The event was organized by the renowned Ben Wafula Solutions Company, which deals in event management, sound, decor, DJ services, MC services, hotel booking, artist and celebrity booking, marketing, and artist management, among others.

Career fair

A career fair, sometimes called a job fair or career expo, is a hiring event where prospective employees can interact with employers, recruiters, and educational institutions. 

It also serves as a place for job seekers to learn more about job opportunities at various companies. 

Attending job fairs allows job searchers to interact with potential employers face-to-face, submit their resumes, and learn more about the range of open roles.

From left: Lindah Gwato, Steven Mwinzi and Morrice Okoth welcoming guests and attendees. PHOTO/Joseph Otieno, Scholar Media Africa.

The main goal of career fairs and expos is to connect college and high school students with industry professionals for internship, employment, and attachment opportunities. 

As they gear up to enter the dynamic world of work, the career fair provides an opportunity for students to comprehend the significance of digital skills in the changing employment market. 

Making the most of one’s professional network is equally beneficial to members of the general public.

Attending these events can be a great way to network with professionals from different industries. 

Meeting representatives of interest can help you establish beneficial relationships, share contact details, and even land an internship, employment, or placement in the future.

Benefits of career fairs

Direct communication with professionals in the industry: Job fairs offer students a special chance to interact one-on-one with professionals from various businesses. One can learn about possible job choices, ask questions, and acquire insights about the sector. 

Engaging with professionals in the field can enhance your comprehension of the demands and specifications of various industries, empowering you to make well-informed selections regarding the near future. 

Access to a wide range of employers: job fairs usually draw in a broad spectrum of employers, from well-established businesses to fledgling startups. 

Due to this diversity, students and community members can investigate a variety of career paths and gain knowledge of various business cultures, initiatives, and prospects. 

Sellah Primary School Kakamega teachers attend the Kakamega career expo to represent their school. PHOTO/Joseph Otieno, Scholar Media Africa.

It exposes you to the range of opportunities in the field and will assist you in finding possible employers who share your interests and professional aspirations.

Exposure to internships and entry-level positions: A lot of businesses use job fairs as a means of hiring interns and filling entry-level roles. 

Students can find out about internship opportunities and possible employment offers after graduation by attending these events. 

An internship is a great way to build contacts in the business, improve your résumé, and acquire real-world experience.

Insights into technology developments and industry trends: Job fairs are a great place to see the newest innovations and technologies across a range of industries. 

You can view a variety of talks, demonstrations, and displays to get a personal look at research, innovations, and masterful projects. 

This exposure not only broadens your knowledge but also stimulates and encourages innovation and helps you have a clear grasp of the direction the business is taking.

Practicing and honing your job-seeking abilities: Job fairs give students and the general public a place to practice and hone their interview, elevator pitch, and resume writing skills. 

Students can obtain feedback, learn about requirements particular to the business, and develop confidence in their ability to present themselves effectively by interacting with recruiters and professionals. 

German Language Teacher Purity Bagada (center) engaging in an interview with a Scholar Media correspondent regarding Kakamega Career Expo. PHOTO/Joseph Otieno, Scholar Media Africa.

This experience can greatly increase your chances of getting hired and getting interviewed in the future. 

High school students 

One major issue facing many young scholars who find themselves at a crossroads after completing their secondary education is the absence of career guidance. 

Those who attend postsecondary schools, on the other hand, do not match their worldview to the employment path they have chosen.

Gradually, learner’s capacity to create distinct mental images of the kinds of occupations they ought to follow is compromised by a lack of access to essential professional information.

The majority of institutions lack the resources or motivation to give prospective students thorough information about the programs that are offered.

Mistakes done when choosing a career

The world’s most successful individuals all came from modest backgrounds, and their lives were very different in their teens, twenties, and even thirties. 

Choosing a career due to family pressure, market demand (although a particular job’s demand may disappear with a trendier invention), following the herd, adopting a “what will people say” mentality, and lacking in-depth knowledge or research are some of the mistakes made when choosing a career. 

These mistakes can leave you feeling disoriented and frustrated.  

Both the young people and the community at large were touched by the job fair. 

It has made way for more forthcoming chances that will provide community members and students with access to jobs, internships, attachments, and exposure to the fast-paced world. 

People in Kakamega County would happily continue to attend these events with the primary goal of networking, as the expo’s key objective amply demonstrated the critical relevance of these kinds of gatherings.

“We are taking part in the Kakamega professional expo today, an occasion organized by the community to introduce young people in our community to the range of professional options available to them. 

The Kakamega Foreign Language Center has come to inform the young people of Kakamega about the foreign languages we provide, such French or German, which would open up better employment options for them.

This is a fantastic event that will introduce our young people in Kakamega to a wide range of professional options. 

Since the future is bright and learning is never a mistake because there are opportunities for learning every day, I would like to encourage the youth to come to see and learn,” explained Purity Bagada, a German Language Tutor at Kakamega Foreign Languages Centre. 

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The companies, businesses and institutions that participated in the event include: Coca-Cola Company, M-Kopa, Lubao FM, Luhya TV, Tamiron, Mount Kenya University, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kakamega Computer College, Colmoh Fashions, Kakamega Foreign Languages, Selah School Kakamega, Kids Centre (Quickmart), Street Book Vendors, Amazon Hotel/Kuku Joint, Ibrahim Consultancy, Demakufu DJ Academy and Valuable Homes.

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