Top Talent Agency’s Keynote Tour a recipe for empowered Kenyan youth

September 12, 2023. An afternoon empowerment session at the Kenyatta University amphitheater, led by Top Talent Agency founders and visitors from the USA. The students were mentored by experts on different life's pathways, as they aspire to be entrepreneurs, which has been the organization's mission. PHOTO/Courtesy.
  • Mr. Fagan’s visit to Kenya in 2015 laid the foundation for the humanitarian work the agency is doing today.
  • In one of the visits last year, Top Talent Agency introduced to the Kenyan youth a neuroscientist who brought new technology without cost to the students, a testament to their commitment to changing lives through technology.
  • The heartbeat of the agency is rooted in the belief that talent, when nurtured and amplified, has the power to influence, inspire and instigate change.

In the heart of Kenya’s bustling education system, a transformative collaboration between Top Talent Agency and notable schools in Kenya has emerged, promoting a ripple effect of growth and empowerment throughout the nation.

The US-based organization paid a courtesy call to Kenyatta University for a third time in 10 months on September 12.

The collaboration goes beyond the normal realms of talent management, shaping the future of Kenya’s youth, bridging gaps, and utilizing learners’ full potential.

Founded by David Fagan and Isabel-Donadio Fagan, the agency has quickly become a key player in youth development as a way of giving back to the community.

“In our give back program, we are training college-age kids in sense of self confidence, how to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and just getting them to believing in themselves and realize that they can get jobs and also start their own businesses,” said Mr. Fagan in an exclusive interview with Scholar Media Africa.

David Fagan and Isabel Fagan. The couple founded Top Talent Agency, a company that is giving back by carrying out humanitarian work in Kenya and elsewhere. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Civility meets talent

Mr. Fagan’s visit to Kenya in 2015 laid the foundation for the humanitarian work the agency is doing today after he crossed paths with Ambassador Dominic Obadiah, a humanitarian and peace and civility ambassador in Kenya.

“After our interaction, I found out that the agency was looking for opportunities to mentor, empower and inspire young people in learning institutions,” Amb. Obadiah told Scholar Media.

He organized a successful tour dubbed “The Kenya Keynote Tour,” which took them to the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Kisii University, Kisii National Polytechnic, and several high schools across the country.

“In November last year and March this year we did the same tour and it has now become a popular trip which inspires me to continue connecting the international community to the Kenyan young population that is aspiring to become entrepreneurs,” added Amb. Obadiah.

Their tour this month started with a visit to Ezesha Community College in Kayole, an area often associated with crime.

The college’s stand-out aspect was a program dubbed ‘Soma na Mia’ (Learn with KSh100) that allowed students to learn for just a dollar per day.

“Who has such a wonderful program that is so amazing and inspiring that even with a dollar you can learn?” beamed Amb. Obadiah.

Top Talent Agency team at Ezesha College in Kayole. The agency helps young people by training and mentoring them as they venture into business and get into their careers. PHOTO/Courtesy.

He termed the initiative, spearheaded by the college’s founder, as remarkable and aligned perfectly with the goal of democratizing education.

Transformative role of mentorship

In pursuing learning, mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds and nurturing their aspirations, unlocking opportunities that students may not be aware of otherwise.

Top Talent Agency’s visit to Kenyatta University emphasized the need to prepare students holistically for personal and professional development.

With a diverse student body of up to 7000 individuals pursuing various disciplines, the university recognizes that education goes beyond the textbook.

Dr. Perez Onono, the Executive Dean in the School of Business Studies in place of the Vice Chancellor, highlighted the efforts put in place by the institution to ensure that the students are mentored in their areas of study for ease in transitioning into the various industries.

Dr. Perez Onono, Executive Dean, School of Business Studies at Kenyatta University. She chaired a meeting with the US-based Top Talent Agency visitors in place of the institution’s vice chancellor. PHOTO/Courtesy.

“We have vibrant mentorship programs where we invite people to talk to faculty members on mentorship designs and the students too on life issues that are relevant from time to time so they are not lost in the process,” Dr. Onono said in her address.

She noted that it is important for young people to maneuver such kind of challenges as they then aspire to be productive in their careers.

One of the university’s flagship initiatives, the ‘Growing Leaders Program’, is also proof of its dedication to nurturing leadership skills.

“This program is voluntary to the finalists. It is a strategic move by Kenyatta University to ensure its graduates not only possess academic knowledge but are also prepared to assume leadership roles in the future,” she added. 

Additionally, the institution hosts an annual career week during the last week of January to complement the students’ class learning through meeting individuals from the fields of their studies and living the real life of their career choices.

“We have different sessions where students interact with guests from the industry so that by the end of the day, they are made aware of the opportunities available in each industry, what they do and who they are looking for,” noted Dr. Onono.

Mentors from Kenyatta University, often faculty members in different departments, bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Leslie Lew (left) and Karissa Adkins, part of the team of 12 visitors who accompanied Mr. And Mrs. Fagan to Kenya for this month’s Keynote Tour. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The university called for more international collaboration for partnerships and work programs to ensure the students are well linked with the outside world once they culminate their studies.

Neuroscience technology

In one of the visits last year, Top Talent Agency introduced to the Kenyan youth a neuroscientist, Jim Poole, who brought new technology without cost to the students, a testament to their commitment to changing lives through technology.

“NuCalm is helping everyone reduce stress, anxiety and depression and be able to help you focus, have a good sleep and help you to achieve your goals,” Amb. Obadiah mentioned, admitting that the cutting-edge technology has helped him personally in getting more sleep and having stable mental health.

Amb. Dominic Obadiah (left) with guests from the US. The civility ambassador is working closely with the Top Talent Agency to mentor college-age students, especially in business. PHOTO/Courtesy.

According to him, more than 2000 students in Kenya are using the application for free after the founder paid them a visit and introduced the modern technology to them.

“The students can stay mentally healthy to be able to perform their academic duties and achieve their careers as students,” he added.

Isabel-Donadio terms the wellness app as unique as it delves deep into the realms of neuroscience using frequencies to influence our mental states positively.

“The app is effective especially to people who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),” said Mrs. Fagan.

Looking ahead, Top Talent envisions a future where more services and employment are digitized with its interactive online academy.

“Anyone anywhere can train on the Top Talent Academy by watching videos, using visual aids such as charts and infographics for learning and also take self-assessment tests,” Mrs. Fagan stated, adding that they also get virtual assistant roles for learners, all thanks to technology.

About Top Talent Agency

In the dynamic world of talent, Top Talent Agency has risen to the forefront, captivating learners and young people through its transformative mission.

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Fagan, the agency has rapidly become a model for aspiring and growing talent on the global stage.

Top Talent Agency founders and visitors pose for a group photo with KU Staff during their visit to the university. Top Talent Agency has visited KU for the third time in 10 months. PHOTO/Courtesy.  

The agency specializes in representing, publishing, and publicizing remarkable talent – speakers, authors and experts who possess a wealth of knowledge and a burning desire to share it with the world.

The heartbeat of the agency is rooted in the belief that talent, when nurtured and amplified, has the power to influence, inspire and instigate change.

“We use the acronym ICE, to mean Influence, Credibility, Exposure. They come to us to raise their profile so that they get more influence, credibility and exposure, thus more leads and prospects,” Mr. Fagan stated.

Mrs. Fagan shared the vision of the agency in the coming years.

“Overall, I envision the company doing more for youth in the sense to be able to expand our education and communication,” she said.

During their visit, they were accompanied by authors and experts in different areas, among them Teresa Lawrence, an advocate and author of children’s books, Mark Drew, a successful businessman in Canada and Janice Burt, a speaker and best-selling author.

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In their one-week stay, the team will extend their training and mentorship in Kisii, among other regions.

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