2023 Intake Open University of Kenya
2023 Intake Open University of Kenya


Conjestina Achieng (right), a former female professional boxer during a training session when while on a rehabilitation facility. Mental-related complications sent her out of the boxing ring. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Taking Action: Take-aways from Mental Health Awareness Month

Schizophrenia is one of the most commonly stigmatized mental health disorders.  Parents should watch for things like emotional reactivity, moodiness, despair, heightened anxiety, and melancholy in their children’s growth.  Barriers to raising awareness of mental illness...
Mercy Mmbone, radio presenter at Milele FM and Founder, Almasi Guardians. PHOTO/Courtesy.

HEALTH: What caring for people with autism means

People with ASD often have problems with social communication and interaction. Caring for them needs patience and understanding. The community needs sensitization to understand the condition and its misconceptions. April is World Autism Month, with the conversation...
Edinah Kangwana, a mental wellness champion, addressing students at Mobamba High School, Kisii County, during a wellness and career talk. Mental health conversations among children and teenagers are vital in schools, homes and in communities. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Time to sensitize students on mental health

Mental health conversations in Kenyan schools remain essential. Parents, the government, the community and individuals have a share in escalating the conversation. Round Table Wellness Foundation is among the initiatives concerned about mental health among...
Girls from The Kibera School for Girls. Many girls in Africa face myriad challenges in their efforts to acquire quality and sustainable education. Creating enabling environments for them and empowering them academically stands essential. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Liberating African girl child through equitable education

Improving girls’ and young women’s access to education in Africa has been on the mainstream development agenda for decades because this investment has a great potential to cut back poverty in the continent. Empowering the...

Menyenya alumni fete former principal, starts kitty for needy students

For many years, Job Ong’ombe sat at the helm of Menyenya High School and made it the school of choice in Gusiiland and beyond. The exemplary results of his time remain edged in the memories...