2023 Intake Open University of Kenya
2023 Intake Open University of Kenya

Youthful Friday

Narrating inspirational and impactful stories of youths making a change in their lives, communities and society at large through innovation, hard work and resilience.

Harunah: Deafness couldn’t deter me from pursuing my dream career

Despite significant setbacks, Harunah refused to let go of his dream. After a three-year hiatus from school, he resolved to rejoin O-Level education.  I am optimistic about my prospects of securing a scholarship for this...
Lucy Alobo giving a speech to inspire young Innovators at the Flutter Forward event organized by Flutter, KaKebe Technologies, and Innovation Village, Uganda. She was orphaned while aged one but struggled until she became the inspirational woman she is. PHOTO/Courtesy.

How Ugandan lady beat rejection, now inspires young innovators

She has overcome numerous challenges in life and has become a trailblazer in the world of technology and leadership.  By leveraging technology and developing innovative solutions, young people can provide goods and services and create...
Alex Ogwal (center) presenting a poem in sign language in Nairobi to create awareness about uniqueness of sign language. He has been championing the need for sign language spaces where the wider communities come together to have discourse in sign language. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Ogwal: Learn sign language and embrace the hearing impaired

He lost his hearing while aged 13. He defied all odds stacked against him and emerged best student in the O’level exams with 20 aggregates.  Ogwal says discrimination and ableism towards deaf people should be actively...
Ivan Akampa, a young entrepreneur and proprietor owning and running Sell Connect Uganda, an e-commerce platform disrupting traditional business in Uganda and changing the trends. PHOTO/Courtesy.

A moment with Akampa, digitalist reshaping Uganda’s retail industry

He takes on an innovative stride, embraces the digital days, and disrupts the traditional retail models. Akampa's e-commerce business model has completely transformed the retail industry. He emphasizes that the youths need to take advantage of...
Rachael Agatha, an author and young leader breaking barriers to achieve her dream of an Africa full of readers through Read Us Africa, an NGO that she founded. PHOTO/Courtesy.

From Passion to Purpose: Agatha, a champion in the making

She is an award-winning author, founder and young leader. Her Read Us Africa initiative has since expanded to 10 African countries and 40 universities worldwide. Later this year, she will join other youths from 14 African...
Driven by technology, inspired by great and accomplished minds, Sedrick Otolo is an author, techie and the Co-founder and Operations Director of Kakebe Technologies, a Lira-based software company. E-POSTER/Daniel K'abaasa, Scholar Media Africa.

Otolo, award-winning innovator inspiring youths in the tech world

He is also an author and motivational speaker. He has volunteered in technology spaces and is an app developer. He urges young people to take up whatever opportunities at their disposal. Born in Amolatar District, Northern...