Tiaty residents call for more development projects

A cultural group from Tiaty entertaining guests during the launch of a cash transfer programme by Kenya Red Cross Society at Nakoko Sub Location in Tiaty East Sub County. PHOTO/Benson Kelio, The Scholar Media Africa.

Tiaty residents have asked the national and county governments to expand development in the area.

They also want Non-governmental organisations to supplement effors of the two levels of government in the establishment of social amenities like churches, schools and dispensaries.

This, they said, will transform the region.

They said that the region has lagged behind in development thus encouraging criminal activities like cattle rustling and banditry.

Viola Eburu said the region has been misjudged by many people who are now scared to invest in area on grounds that it is prone to insecurity challenges.

Eburu who spoke to the press at Nakoko Sub Location in Silale ward during a cash transfer programme by Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), stated that institutions that are operational in the area are few and overstretched.

“The schools in our ward for example have few teachers and the population of learners is very low,” she explained.

Eburu noted that due to inadequate structures, teachers have improvised ways of teaching two different classes in the same classroom in order to impart knowledge to a few of the learners who have made it to school.

At the same time, she pointed out that the area has not fully embraced religion since most of the residents are fully into traditional beliefs.

“We don’t have even a single church here and our people have not embraced places of worship which are key in peaceful coexistence,” she said.

Anthony Limo Ali, a youth leader from Silale Ward while reiterating the sentiments called on the county government of Baringo to construct more Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classes.

This will accommodate many children willling to join school.

Ali said that with increased enrolment of the young generation to such institutions, incidents where youth get used to cause insecurity will be a thing of the past.

He also called for local leaders to make sure that existing health facilities within the area are stocked with medicine.

“This will not only rescue not only patients suffering from infectious diseases but also those seeking emergency treatment due to snake bites,” he said.

Daniel Lokitar, a professional from the Sub County called on all stakeholders to ensure that a school feeding programme is rolled out in all schools from the area.

Lokitar pointed out that the feeding programme will attract more children to join school since most of the families are challenged due to prolonged drought.

Area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Nelson Lotela lauded efforts by security agencies, saying the area now enjoys relative peace.

He said more investments needed to be established in order to change the perception of the area which has been touted to be a hotbed of armed criminals.

“Before, we didn’t have markets and no vehicles were moving around these areas but we are now seeing things are slowly changing with the improved road network,” he said.

Susan Nakoru, County devolution Chief Officer called on residents to forego retrogressive cultures like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages and take their children to school to study upto the highest level.

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She said that with education, the area will have more leaders competent enough to represent them in the various elective and appointive positions.

Baringo deputy governor Jacob Chepkwony challenged residents to own the area and ensure that major transformations are taking place.

“I am urging residents of Silale and Tiaty Sub County at large to work hard since nobody can come from Nairobi to start development in your area until you first embrace it,” he said.

Chepkwony challenged elders from the area to embrace modernity and forgo harmful practices that can harm the people.

Meanwhile, he expressed the commitment of the county government administration to work together with the people to ensure that their grievances are addressed.

He stated that the county government was ready to provide iron sheets to build schools in the area at least as a temporary step as they dialogue with other partners to set up permanent structures.

Governor Stanley Kiptis in his remarks encouraged local residents to venture into farming saying that it was one of surest ways where families can fetch high incomes that can sustain their households.

He said communities living in the lower parts of the county should plant grass for sale and for their livestock since it will benefit the pastoralist communities to feed their livestock during dry seasons.

Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis confirms an M-Pesa message from one of the residents from Silale ward after Kenya Red Cross Society through their Head of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Elijah Muli launched a three months cash transfer programme at Nakoko market in Tiaty East Sub County. PHOTO/Benson Kelio, The Scholar Media Africa.
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