Tuitoek engages Mogotio job seekers

Chebet Birir, a professional surveyor narrating how it is not only difficult to get employment in Baringo, but also internship. PHOTO/Jeremiah Chamakany, The Scholar Media Africa.

A group of college and university graduates and students engaged Mogotio Member of Parliament Dr. Daniel Tuitoek in a two hour discussion about their future.

Raymond Binott who is the patron of Popular Front – Baringo EquiHeritage Forum arranged the meeting in Lomanira Splendor.

Gladys Mosomstai, who is a PhD student in Environmental Science from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, and Engineer Peter Cheptoo from Chepchorgin formed the Panel that not only addressed career development, but the realities of the evolving job market.

Eng. Cheptoo’s revelations about the sorry state of engineers in Kenya were the real event ice breaker.

“It’s very sad that even with so many engineers in Kenya, foreign contractors still dominate Kenya’s road building industry, dam construction and power generation,” revealed Kiptoo.

He at the same time indicated that because of the sorry situation facing engineers in Baringo and Kenya, the Engineers Union is in the process of making their voices being heard.

The wish to put to a stop a situation where a foreign contractor enjoys the freedom to hire a Kenyan fully fledged engineer, and pay him or her Ksh 10,000 monthly salary.

It emerged that no matter how much brilliant you are in Kenya academically, county governments make other considerations including where you come from before they give you a job.

“Most counties give priorities to their own otherwise one may be forced to forget about his or degree, and start doing menial jobs to make ends meet,” he said.

Chebet Birir, a surveyor, moved the audience after revealing how difficult it is to get a job, let alone internship in the counties.

“I did my attachment in Kiambu County but when it comes to internship where I am supposed to be paid, they told me to go back to my county of birth. My request was turned down at my home county,” she said.

“I went to Chemususu Dam to try my luck and met foreigners not ready to engage me in the work I trained to do.”

Dr Tuitoek promised to give Ksh5,000 to every youth involved in IT related businesses, to gain more IT knowledge at Mwachon area.

He also promised to ensure that the National CEO of the Youth Fund comes to Mogotio, and disburses as more money as possible for the youth to engage in business, and other money making ventures.

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