Police intensify fight against illicit brews

Police officers in Kisii South raided local brewing dens yesterday and destroyed over a hundred thousand liters of illicit brew.

The crackdown is part of a three month Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) aimed at eliminating illicit brews.

The operation was led by Kisii South OCPD Charles Machinji.

Owners of the dens escaped during the operation after they were tipped of the raid.

Addressing the press, Machinji said that many lives have been lost as a result of the illicit brews.

“We are not going to relent in the fight against illicit brews, we will ensure that we have whipped out illicit liquor in the Sub-county,” he said.

He said that the brews had destroyed many families, and killed family breadwinners.

“Addicts are not able to carry out their normal duties. This is why we should all join hands to eradicate illicit brews,” the OCPD said.

He urged the public to help curb consumption of the brews.

Machinji cautioned residents against consuming the brew, saying it is prepared in unhygienic conditions.

He said that officers would continue carrying out impromptu raids with the aim of arresting those involved and arraign them in court.

Equipment used to make the brews were confiscated and destroyed.

The OCPD said that the crackdown will continue until brewers and consumers abandon it.

He asked brewers to cease and engage in  legal business activities.

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