Gusii region urged to go slow on formation of new party

Politician Kennedy Mosongo Ongwae has urged leaders fronting the formation of a political party with roots in Gusii region not to rush as it may turn out to be irrelevant. 

Speaking in Omorare P.A. G Church, North Mugirango Constituency, Mosongo (pictured above) argued that timing of the formation of the party was inappropriate.

He urged elected leaders from the community to ensure that once formed, the party should reflect a national image.

This, he said, will enable people from across the nation to be accommodated. 

“I’m not opposing the creation of the party, but my worry is, it’s too late and it might end up being just a small party that will not be felt nationally,” Mosongo said.

“My urge is that those mandated with the task should ensure that the party reaches every part of Kenya, for easy negotiations with other big and established parties.”

Mosongo wants those not interested with the party to be given freedom to join and vie from any other party of their choice.

“Once the party is in place, there are those leaders from our region who will wish not to join it, they should be given humble time to be where they will be comfortable.

It should not be used to gag other leaders” he added.

In a press conference held in Nairobi last week, several Gusii elected elected indicated that plans were underway to form a party that can cater for the interests of their community. 

This, they argued, will be used to bargain for presidency in 2022 general elections.

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