Nyamoko cuts links with colleagues, supports Nyaribo

Dr. James Gesami takes oath of office on August 17, 2021 as the second DG for Nyamira County. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

North Mugirango Member of Parliament (MP) Joash Nyamoko has disassociated himself from his colleague MPs and pledged support for Nyamira governor Amos  Nyaribo. 

Nyamoko who was speaking Tuesday during the swearing in of Dr. James Ondicho Gesami as Nyamira Deputy Governor (DG) took issue with West Mugirango MP Vincent Kemosi and Borabu’s Ben Momanyi, and County MP Jerusha Momanyi for skipping the ceremony. 

He pledged to support Nyaribo who he said should be respected and be supported by the other county leaders.

He asked the leaders to stop politicking and instead help streamline leadership in the County to benefit citizens.

“They are always on the ground politicking at burials but can not be seen during important occasions like this one.

I want to tell them that it is not the time that we engage into in sideshows,” Nyamoko said.

“They should come and offer support to the County leadership. Leaders don’t behave that way.”

Until recently, Nyaribo had tough time governing the county.

He faced opposition from other elected leaders over his style of leadership.

Kemosi and Momanyi were adversely mentioned in the political war that delayed the appointment of a substantive DG by the governor.

Dr. Gesami was first nominated on 6th January 2021.

His name was rejected a week later after the county assembly’s appointment committee claimed that he did not present the required papers before it.

Dr Gesami served as a two term legislator for West Mugirango.

He was also an assistant minister of Health and Sanitation between 2007-2013.

His name was cleared on 9th August after eight months long wait.

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