Chairs replace stones at school

Pupils of Nkilongosi Primary School marvel as they check the new study chairs donated by Maasai Mara University. PHOTO/Mzalendo Amos Kemboi, The Scholar Media Africa.

They have been taking their lessons while sitting on pieces of wood resting on stones.

Not anymore!

Pupils of Nkilongosi Primary School in Narok East Sub-County, Narok County will now sit on comfortable chairs.

Maasai Mara University initiated the project of donating the study chairs to the early learners. 

According to the Acting Director Linkages, Marketing & Public Relations who also doubles as Head of Liaison Mr. Samson Shakai, the University will help the vulnerable learners have conducive learning environment.

“The study chairs were fabricated by the Development and Estates Department of the University,” he said. 

Shakai said they have already delivered sixty-five chairs and more are being fabricated.

“We intend to continue with this initiative throughout future academic years,” Shakai said.      

Shakai who delivered the chairs was accompanied by two university staff; Jane Reson and Shadrack Mwita.

The school committee led by chairperson Ole Shukuru could not hide their joy upon seeing the university lorry make its way into the school compound. 

Ole Shukuru noted that the seats will be instrumental in attracting more learners to the school.

The school headteacher Ole Nkukuu led teachers in celebrations.

Pupils drowned in happiness while they made themselves comfortable in the new chairs.

The school committee promised to visit the university and thank acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Kitche Magak for supporting them.

The project is one of the key community engagement undertakings that the University Council has prioritized under the ‘Adopt a School Strategy’ model.

Pupils of Nkilongosi Primary School flanked by their teachers, School Committee members and Maasai Mara University staff celebrate after the official reception of donated chairs. PHOTO/Mzalendo Amos Kemboi, The Scholar Media Africa.
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