Don offers full sponsorship to needy students

Prof. Reuben Marwanga hands over a school fees payment receipt to a parent of a beneficiary on Sunday,1st August 2021. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

Six bright students from needy backgrounds in Nyamira will get secondary school education without paying a penny.

Marwanga Foundation, a Non-governmental organization (NGO) offered them scholarships.

The foundation was started by Prof. Reuben Marwanga who is a don and scholar.
The beneficiaries will now complete their four year course uninterrupted.
They are among 100 students who benefited from scholarships to join Form One this week.
The foundation which started barely a year ago has seen several vulnerable students remain in schools.
Prof. Marwanga who is also eyeing the Nyamira gubernatorial seat said that his aim, once elected, is to set a special kitty that will ensure education is available to all irrespective of their social and economic status.
“I’m doing this to show that even that child of the poorest resident can get the level of education that the child of the rich can get.
I want to ensure that once elected as governor in 2022, I set aside a kitty that will cater for full scholarships for children from poor backgrounds,” he said.
“Education which is a basic need must be availed to all.”
He was speaking in Rigoma ward on Sunday where he met students who benefitted from his foundation.
At the same time, Prof. Marwanga called on school administrations to be lenient on students more especially those from poor backgrounds who delay to pay fees and allow them to be in school.
“Let our schools allow our children to study. I know the economy is not good but our foundation will finally reach them and offer our little assistance”, said Prof. Marwanga.
In the latest patch of scholarships, Prof. Marwanga noted that his foundation spent over Kshs.1 million to pay school fees for deserving students.
Pro. Marwanga taught in universities in the United States of America’s (USA) universities for eight years before he relocated to Kenya.

He now works at Strathmore University.

He also chairs the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA), a government agency responsible for developing and managing Kenya’s national innovation systems.
Prof. Marwanga believes that through the network he has created around the globe, he will be able to turn around Nyamira County’s fortunes, if given a chance to lead as governor in the upcoming 2022 general election.

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