Kisii University eyes excellence in health education and training

Plans to establish a Centre of Excellence in Health Education and Training (CEHET) in Western Kenya are currently at an advanced stage.

The University of Manchester, UK, has partnered with Kisii University to make the ambitious dream a reality.

The hub of excellence and wing of Kisii University will be installed in Nyosia, on the outskirts of Kisii Town.

It is envisioned that the institution will offer high-level health education and be the leading star in the provision of quality healthcare services in the region and beyond.

Recently, the two universities co-planned a Health Summit in Nairobi that brought partners from the United Kingdom, the United States, and other areas around the world.

The summit sought to inspire productive discussions around important topics that would see Kisii University tap from a vast knowledge base and expertise from international partners.

“This will inculcate those long-lost values in our medical professionals,” said Dr. Mildred Mudany, who is the Chair of Kisii University Council.

Kisii University will partner with Maseno University, Egerton University, and Masinde Muliro University to each a stake in the partnership.

Kisii University, the only public institution of its kind in the Gusii region, continues to drive visionary partnerships that reflect the brightness of its future.

The university is already training pharmacy, medicine, and surgery students at degree level, alongside other health-related courses.

Recently, the university made another milestone after it launched a water treatment and bottling plant, this being an innovative way to improve access to safe water for drinking and generate income.

Named Aquamax, the mineral water that is obtainable from the Precambrian Gusii highland rocks provides not only a refreshing feel but a quenching effect on one’s thirst.

The water plant started to function after it was launched by Dr. Mudany and is already available for distribution and consumption.

“Water is life and we are happy that Kisii University is making the resource available in its clean form for consumption while generating income to support different activities,” said Dr. Mudany.

The Kisii University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Akama, says that in pursuance of creating a better life and living environment, the university continues to invest in strategically potential areas of development.

“The project was envisioned by the second Council of Kisii University and is being launched by the fourth Council today.

This is proof of how visionary and strategic Kisii University is,” said Prof. Akama during the launch last week.

“The University remains proactive in its engagement, investment, and operations to continuously create a better future for all stakeholders.”

Additional information: Kisii University Press

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