Multi-million book project big boost to Nakuru’s ECDE sector

Dr Korir inspects some of the ECD books before he officially launched their distribution. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The county government of Nakuru has boosted the early childhood development education (ECDE) sector with a Ksh 7.7 million worth of reading material.

The money has been used to procure 30, 000 ECDE textbooks which will be distributed across all the public ECDE centers within the county.

In phase one, the county is distributing environmental and mathematics text books targeting pupils in PP1 and PP2.

Phase two will see the county distribute books for the remaining subjects taught both in PP1 and PP2.

Nakuru county Deputy Governor Erick Korir said that the county government’s intention was “to lay a strong foundation for young learners who are future leaders”.

Apart from the distribution of learning material, the Nakuru County has heavily invested in the construction of new ECD classrooms and centers as well as purchasing of other learning equipment like furniture.

“As a county we are committed to guarantee every learner the right to education and a conducive learning environment and will therefore continue to Support the construction of classrooms and provision of ECDEs friendly furniture,” said the Deputy Governor.

Since 2013, Nakuru county has employed 258 ECD teachers to curb the biting shortage of teachers in the critical sector with an additional 116 teachers set for employment this financial year. 

According to County Executive Committee member (CECM) for Education ICT and E-Government Mr. Francis Mwangi, they are planning to establish and fully equip eleven centers of Excellence for ECDE each in every Sub County.

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