Mutuse roots for support of school projects in Kibwezi West

Kibwezi West Member of parliament aspirant Mwengi Mutuse and Kibwezi West Sub-county Director Quality Assurance Mercy Gitari at Mweini Primary in Makueni. PHOTO/Mzangi Kaluu, The Scholar Media Africa.

Machakos County government chief of staff Mwengi Mutuse has asked communities and individuals to support school projects.

Mutuse who is interested to run for the Kibwezi West parliamentary seat said many schools need to expand facilities to accommodate the swelling numbers of students.

Kenya is implementing the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) and seeks to provide basic education for all children.

Schools also need spaces for Physical Education (PE).

He said that he has passion for education and aims to renovate and construct classrooms in schools that are in dire need.

“Currently we have 100 percent transition to secondary schools policy which can only  be actualized with enough space to accommodate the learners.

Our children and teachers need a friendly environment,” he said.

He went on: “I’m learned and would wish to see the young generation make it in life just like myself.”

Mutuse who is a lawyer by profession spoke during commissioning of five classrooms through his funding at Mweini Primary School in Nguu-Masumba ward, recently.

He said that he has been supporting education through renovation and construction of many school buildings in Kibwezi West.

He urged parents to take care of their children by guiding and counselling them.

“I’m also reminding parents to make sure that their children are fully masked when they go to public places including school,” he said.

“Covid -19 is still with us. I always provide reusable masks wherever I visit public places more so schools.”

Mutuse who is also the patron of Kibwezi Empowerment Foundation visited Vololo Secondary School where he is funding the construction of classrooms.

He said education is one of his top agendas and promised to elevate its level once elected.

He added that Makueni County’s cash crop is education and all education stakeholders should aim to uplift the standards.

“This school has students thirsty for education. When I visited here I found students studying under tree shades for lack of classrooms.

So far we have completed three classrooms,” he said.

He added that parents with children joining Form One can choose the school since it is proximate to their homes and is well staffed.

“We have 9 TSC teachers and they offer the best. We hope to get good results,” Mutuse said.

The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) Makueni branch chairman Julius Mutwii urged parents to fully support the school.

Mutwii added that regardless of how good the structures are, they can’t be called a school without learners.

He called upon parents to make use of nearby schools to cut expenses and aid in assuring 100 percent transition to secondary schools.

Others present were Kibwezi West Sub-county Director Quality Assurance Mercy Gitari who affirmed that the commissioned buildings by Mutuse were renovated or constructed to the set standards and were fit for use.

Gitari who represented the Ministry of Education said that the ministry wants to make sure that standards of education are improved.

She observed that the ministry inspects all school buildings whether funded by donors, government or community before learners use them.

“My call to parents is only one; I can see you are very happy as structures are being constructed and renovated in your schools. Make sure your children succeed by playing your part to the letter,” she said.

“Let’s all ensure 100 percent transition to secondary schools. Your children should not stop at class eight,” added Gitari.

She called upon schools  to have a system of collecting rain water by use of gutters.

“There is no need of sourcing for water from outside when all the rain water goes untapped,” she said.

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