New chapter as Nyanchwa Adventist College students graduate

Nyanchwa Adventist College graduands march to their graduation ceremony on August 15, 2023, at the institution's grounds. PHOTO/Nehemia Josephat, Scholar Media Africa.


  • The event was led by the college’s Chief Principal, Meshack Melly, and was attended by guests from various professions. 
  • Parents have continued showing their support toward the institution in various ways, enabling it to achieve the milestones it has so far. 
  • The graduating class consisted of 270 students who graduated in different specifications.

On August 15, 2023, in a display of academic achievement and the triumphant culmination of years of hard work, Nyanchwa Adventist College held its annual graduation ceremony.

It was the 30th graduation since its establishment, an event that radiated joy, pride, and hope. 

The ceremony, which took place at Nyanchwa Adventist College grounds in Kisii town, symbolized personal growth and the commitment to education that the institution stands for.

The event was led by the college’s Chief Principal, Meshack Melly, and was attended by guests from various professions. 

The guests include Ezekiel Machogu, Cabinet Secretary for Education, represented by Nelson Sifuna, Education Director Nyanza Region; Kisii County Education Director Philip Chirchir; Kisii County Commissioner, area chief and parents and the community members.

The graduating class consisted of 270 students who graduated in different specifications like Diplomas in Social Work, Community Development, Food and Beverages, and Science Laboratory Technology, among others.

With the traditional graduation march harmonies playing in the background, the atmosphere was electric as graduates, clad in their robes and mortarboards, walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. 

Chief Principal Melly encouraged the graduands to go to the world and exhibit the competitive skills they have gained within their years at the institution.

Chief Principal Meshack Melly (center) leads the guests in a devotional session. PHOTO/Nehemia Josephat, Scholar Media Africa.

Achievements, inspiring stories

The ceremony was marked by an inspiring speech from Mr. Sifuna, representative of the Education CS, a renowned academician, who shared insights on the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of excellence. 

He emphasized the significance of the graduands’ role in shaping the future and encouraged them to face challenges with determination and creativity.

Mr. Sifuna congratulated the graduands and their lecturers for the good scores the institution had posted from the KNEC exams that had brought about their graduation. 

He acknowledged that it took hard work and commitment to achieve the academic excellence they were celebrating.

Mr. Sifuna affirmed that the national government, through the Ministry of Education, is committed to availing avenues that will absorb the learners through forums like CBC, Junior High School, and TSC jobs. 

Mr. Sifuna awards a certificate to one of the graduands during the ceremony. PHOTO/Nehemia Josephat, Scholar Media Africa.

He urged the graduands to remain patient and take jobs in both private and public sectors as they wait to be enrolled in TSC.

“The government alone cannot meet the employment demands. That is why parents, entities, and other major stakeholders need to partner and create vacancies to absorb the graduates,” Mr. Sifuna advised.

“This is an important occasion for the education sector, parents, stakeholders, and graduands. 

It avails opportunities to all of us. I also urge the institution to cooperate with other colleges in the region to find ways to improve each other academically and socially,” Mr. Sifuna added.

Kisii County Education Director, Mr. Chirchir, encouraged the graduands to continue studying to higher levels and add the technical skills demanded in today’s job market.

Celebrating diversity and unity

Parents have continued showing their support toward the institution in various ways, enabling it to achieve the milestones it has so far. 

Guests take part in tree planting ahead of the graduation ceremony. PHOTO/Nehemia Josephat, Scholar Media Africa.

Mr. Melly thanked the parents and the Nyanchwa community for supporting the institution.

The graduation ceremony reflected Nyanchwa Adventist College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

The student body represented a wide array of backgrounds, cultures, and fields of study. 

The congregation not only celebrated this diversity but also emphasized it as a source of strength that enriches the academic community.

The SDA – South Kenya Conference, which is the institution’s official sponsor, has ably supported and nourished the institution morally and spiritually. 

It has always been the pillar of uniting the community for easy operation and interaction with the outside world. 

Through the SDA Executive Director of South Kenya Conference, Dr. Paul Kiage, the SDA church thanked the graduands for their cooperation and urged them to nurture others through the skills learned.

As the learners’ names were called one by one, the crowd erupted in cheers, showcasing the closely-knit bond that had been formed throughout their academic journey. 

The valedictorian, Nehemiah Bosire, delivered a heartfelt speech that encapsulated the shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs that had united the graduating class.

Looking ahead

With diplomas in hand and practical skills in the mind, the graduates are now poised to embark on their individual journeys, armed with knowledge, skills, and memories that will guide them through future challenges. 

The commencement ceremony marked not just an end but a new beginning, filled with opportunities and possibilities.

One of the graduates happy after receiving her Diploma. PHOTO/Nehemia Josephat, Scholar Media Africa.

As the event came to a close, the confetti rained down, symbolizing the bright and colorful futures awaiting the graduates. 

With the support of their alma mater, their families, and each other, the 2023 class of Nyanchwa College stands ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

In the words of Pastor Dr. Kiage, who is also the institution’s BOM Chair, “Today, we celebrate not just an ending, but a beginning. The world awaits your contributions, and we have every confidence in your ability to shape it for the better.”

The Nyanchwa Adventist College graduation ceremony is an embodiment of achievement, unity, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

“It is your sole responsibility to take center stage and look for opportunities for yourself. It is, therefore, vital that you familiarize yourself with the terrains for you to maneuver easily and quickly enough. 

In that regard, access the TSC Act 2012 and Basic Education Act 2013, among other legal documents necessary to learn from,” Mr Sifuna advised.

It had been an arduous journey that needed persistence, hard work, patience, and emotional maturity, among other attributes, to get through the finish line. 

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As the graduates of Nyanchwa Adventist College embark on new adventures, we wish them well and success.

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