Oyuu gets support to floor Sossion

KNUT officials led by Collins Oyuu who is the acting national chair and Hesbon Otieno, the deputy secretary after a meeting with the Rift valley union officials. PHOTO/Edmond Kipngeno.

Teachers drawn from 23 Rift Valley branches of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have endorsed Collins Oyuu for Secretary General post.

They said this will revive the union that defends teachers.

They were speaking in Eldoret town recently.

According to Hesbon Otieno, the deputy secretary general of KNUT, binding decisions should be made in a bid to bring change for betterment of the union’s affairs.

Otieno said it was paramount for the union members to remember that their journey has been full of turmoil.

“We want to redeem this union; we want to take the image of this union back to its original settings,” said Otieno.

He added that they have constituted a team that will campaign for the ouster of Wilson Sossion from the position of Secretary General.

The unionist said the team will ensure that the union will be in a position to be good negotiators with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

“We want good leaders who know how to talk with the government of the day and also teachers who will respect the constitution of the union,” added Otieno.

Patrick Karinga Munue, who is the proposed National chair KNUT said they could not shy away from the Rift valley as it plays an integral part in the union.

“I want to congratulate Rift Valley region for the decision they have made today; it has the highest number of delegates and there is no way that we can ignore the delegates from this region,” said Munue.

According to the acting chair, Mr. Oyuu, the union has remained down after Sossion took over the mantle.

Teachers have been facing a myriad of problems among them working under poor conditions and delayed payment of salaries.

“It is not a secret that the leadership of one Wilson Sossion has brought down this union. The position of secretary union shall be changed whether one likes it or not,” said Oyuu.

Oyuu lamented that the first national vice chair, Mr. Stanley Mutai has suffered in the hands of Wilson Sossion noting that Sossion frustrated his election process in the just concluded Kericho KNUT elections.

However, he asked teachers to remain calm as they are gearing for the national elections of the union.

“We are praying that the changes will come through in the national delegates conference set to be held in June this year,” noted Oyuu.

Oyuu further alleged that Sossion has already released a list of delegates that is not commensurate to the June 2019 register.

“We cannot allow him to run the union by himself. He cannot be chairperson, secretary general and treasurer,” said Oyuu.

They vowed to push Sossion out of the leadership position while they promised to bring unity and peace in the union.

They said the constitution should be adhered to so as to avoid wrangles in the union.

“Structures of the union must be seen working. Wilson Sossion cannot even sit in a meeting, he cannot be advised by anyone, he does what he likes as if he is alone in the union,” reiterated Oyuu.

The proposed regional leadership include;
Regional chairman, John Musere from Trans Mara, Vice chair, John Koech from Chepkoilel branch, Secretary region Arusei, and David Soyantet from Narok will be deputy secretary.

Others are regional treasurer, Cheberi John from Elgeiyo Marakwet, Phoebe Maneno, assistant treasurer from Trans Nzoia, Ruth Langat, Kipkelion, women slot Grace Keter, Wareng branch.

Stanley Mutai, is proposed to be first vice chair national.

The proposed national chair, Patrick Karinga hails from Central region.

First vice national chair, Stanley Mutai comes from Kericho county.

Second vice national chair will be John Wesonga from Western.

The proposed secretary general, Collins Oyuu comes from Nyanza region.

Deputy secretary genaral is proposed to be Hesbon Otieno.

Assistant Secretary general will be Rosalia Mkanjala from Coast.

National treasurer will be James Mwandiku from Eastern.

Deputy national treasurer will be Ali Abdi from North Eastern Region.

Assistant national treasurer will be Kennedy Nyamwanda Nyanza region.

The KNUT national elections are set to be held in June this year.

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