She has the brains but no school fees

A bright girl from Nyamue village in Tabaka ward, South Mugirango Constituency, Kisii County is not sure if she will join Ngala Memorial Girls High School in Malindi later this month.

Cecilia Nyambeki scored 348 marks in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in the last academic year.
The13 year old girl hails from a humble family of three.

Their single mother who is also suffering from a permanent illness is the bread winner.
Nyambeki said that following the hardship they were going through as a family, she was rescued by Margaret Okari Orphanage Home.

The institution supported her until she sat for her final primary school exams.

This was the highest level of support the centre could offer her.
“I have been staying at Margaret Okari Orphanage until the release of K.C.P.E. examination results.

I would have wished to continue staying there but they told me they could not hold me anymore because they don’t have a secondary school,” she said.

“So I had no option other than to join my family back home,” said Nyambeki (pictured above with her mother, Elizabeth Bosibori).
Having missed just two marks to hit the scholarship qualifications set by local banks, Nyambeki was disappointed with her scores.

She now sits with her mother at home, hoping that God will send someone to rescue her.

Nyambeki said that if she gets a scholarship or aid from well-wishers, she would make efforts to be a surgeon as it has been her dream career.
Deep in the village, Nyambeki now appears almost losing hope.

If no one supports her academic journey, she might end up in more danger that often confronts young girls in similar situation.
Her mother, Elizabeth Bosibori said that her problems arose in 2013 when she was in labor ward at Kenyatta National Hospital.

She had gone there to deliver her second born son who is also awaiting to join grade five in the same orphanage.
Shortly after giving birth, Bosibori developed a growth in her stomach that has since rendered her disabled.

She now cannot do any work to support her children.

This forced her to seek help from Margaret Okari Orphanage who came to her two children’s rescue.
“I thank the orphanage because I cannot even raise a single meal for these two children. Not even for myself,” she said.

“I have been relying on well wishers for food. The Catholic mission around here has been very supportive.”
She claimed that on seeing her condition, her husband went back home, demolished her house and fled to a place she has not known to date.
Her father in-law also fell sick and leased the whole land including her husband’s for thirteen years.
“As you can see this small compound is the only space that I have; I can’t even plant vegetables of my own. I only survive by God’s will,” she said.
Bosibori said that her only brother in-law also passed on recently and was buried in the same compound. He left no family behind.
Bosibori now calls for Good Samaritans to come to her rescue and make her two children realize their dreams in life.

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