Students need sufficient information on study-abroad opportunities

Students of Highway High School who attended the event. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Recently, as a career counselor in secondary schools, I attended the Worldview Education Fair to learn more about the world of work.

It happened at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel, along Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

The eye-opener event was powered by Find Admission, a study abroad agency steered by Mourine Nyongesa.

The career fair had representatives from various universities spread in six western countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and Hungary.

We were given first-hand information pertaining to universities based abroad, scholarship opportunities, application process and entry requirements.

Most of the people who attended this critical career convocation were Form Four leavers.

Also, striplings from two boys’ schools, Wamy School and Highway High School, were present, chaperoned by their teachers.

Specifically, students should know the various agencies that can help them secure merit-based study-abroad opportunities in universities found outside Kenya.

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience.

Through it, students cross countries and continents in the hot pursuit of the best education.

Somehow, a classic case of a study-abroad mission is attributed to the spellbinding orator – Tom Mboya.

Professor B. A. Ogot pens it in his latest tantalizing treatise titled ‘Tom Mboya: Life, Death and Disintegration of the Nascent Enterprise’ Project Kenya’.

Tom Mboya’s greatest gift to Africa was the philanthropic project of Kenyan Student Airlifts to America in 1959, 1960 and 1961.

Barrack Obama Senior and Professor Wangari Maathai were part of this impactful program.

Moreover, study-abroad opportunities provide a smooth transition into universities or colleges based abroad.

Through it, students get experience and exposure.

They access an infinite spectrum of opportunities.

This is made possible through study-abroad agencies like Uni-abroad, Imperial Education Consultants, Swiss Education Consultants, Edu-USA, Edu-Canada, Edu-care International, Universe Education, UNIPSS, Transworld, Education Consultants, Uni-SERV Education, Find Admission, and many more.

Find Admission, as a study-abroad agency, opens the eyes of high school leavers concerning available scholarship opportunities.

The golden goal is to help them see beyond the sea.

In most career talks we roll out in schools, some students make quality enquires on how they can fly like birds to study beyond the Kenyan borders.

A representative from a university in the US explaining programmes they offer. PHOTO/Courtesy.

This is a dream that can come true; dreams are seedlings of reality.

However, such students ought to know that these are highly competitive chances, which behooves them, first of all, to garner good grades in KCSE like B+ (plus) and above.

For them to apply to study abroad, they need scanned copies of: (a) KCSE certificates, (b) international passport, (c) data pay, and any other requisite document(s).

When making applications, a gap of six months after KCSE will give the applicant(s) an upper hand.

In actual sense, before the student applies to enroll in universities based abroad, it is imperative to consider accreditation details and the ranking of various universities in the world.

It is not just about getting excited to go and study abroad, but it is all about becoming objective in such puissant pursuits.

Discretion should reign. So that, in the end, it does not become a wild goose chase.

In addition, scholarship opportunities are open to all interested students.

Somewhat, the Kenyan government collaborates with other governments to facilitate excellent exchange programs.

In the good book titled ‘Career Manual’, Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh and Benjamin Nzioka offer guidelines that to secure a scholarship opportunity in a country like China, the student can start by downloading the application forms from the Ministry of Education (MoE) website:

Then, proceed to the preliminary application form and attach the required certified, supporting documents – photocopies of national identity card, academic or professional certificates, transcript, birth certificate and other testimonials – a proposal in the area of study and a copy of the online submitted Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) application form.

There should be a submission of three sets of the hard copy of the preliminary application form from the MoE and CSC application form with all the certified copies to the Directorate of University Education.

It is important to note that securing a scholarship opportunity to study abroad comes with a fair share of (de)merits.

On merits, when a student is awarded a scholarship, the money goes straight to college tuition – and sometimes, books, air tickets and upkeep.

Scholarship money is not repaid after studies.

Pursuing a degree abroad gives the graduate cache of unique exposure and experience.

It expands the graduate’s worldview.

Studying abroad enhances a broader scope of networks.

In retrospect, studying abroad can arrive with its fair share of challenges.

For instance, while studying abroad, one can encounter experiences like culture shock and racism.

Learning a new language and making friends may be a Herculean task.

The student can suffer a cash crunch when the tranche gets depleted.

Meeting the conditions to practice some home careers can be tedious upon completing studies.

Students of Wamy School poses for a group photo after the event. PHOTO/Courtesy.

A classic case is Law. For the lawyer to start a law firm or represent clients in courts, the attorney must, first of all, enroll for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law at the Kenya School of Law (KSL).

The advantages of studying abroad, however, by far outweigh any challenges the student may meet on the academic road.

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