Meet Obed Charles, Kenyan music producer and artist entertaining global audiences 

Obed Charles, a music producer, gospel artist, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. PHOTO/Obed Charles.
Obed Charles, a music producer, gospel artist, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. PHOTO/Obed Charles.
  • Charles is a dedicated music producer, gospel artist, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. 
  • He says he is open to more collaborations from Kenya, Africa and the world. 
  • With his expertise, passion, and commitment, he has undoubtedly been the choice of many, and his services are a blessing to his clients. 

Talent is a transformative force, a unique prowess that shapes success. It fuels innovation, drives excellence, and defines individual brilliance. When combined with passion, talent opens wide doors for the gifted, ushering them into greatness.

In this, Obed Charles stands tall, epitomizing creativity, passion, and undying determination in his zones of genius.

In an exclusive interview with Scholar Media Africa, he tells how his journey has been and what sets him apart from the many other artists buzzing the music and creative industry.

Born and bred in Kisii County, Kenya, Charles is a dedicated music producer, gospel artist, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. 

Charles was born and raised in a music family, for his grandfather and uncles were into music even before his birth, and while still a young lad, he was introduced to it. 

How it started

While still in primary school, he had already developed an interest in music, and, obeying the footprints of his uncle with precision and passion, he could play what the uncle played on the musical instruments in church. 

“That is how I discovered I had talent. In high school, I was the chairperson of the music club and could train my colleagues on music and related matters,” he reminisces. 

Charles started singing in 2005 while in school and professionally dived into the music industry in 2013. 

“I do gospel and patriotic songs, among other genres, depending on the need at that moment,” he clarifies. 

From 2013 to 2016, he was at the Highland School of Audio Engineering in Tanzania for further training, where he studied Music and Audio Engineering. 

While there, he continued sharpening his talent and made a name for himself. 

Back to Kenya to change the narrative

“I felt our people needed some music knowledge they lacked. I chose to go back to Kenya and set the records straight,” he says. 

He was determined to pass on the skills, exposure and knowledge he had gained to Kenyan music artists and producers.

Charles leading a worship service in a local church. PHOTO/Obed Charels.

Worth noting is that in Tanzania, the music industry is characterized by vibrant promotions, continuous mentorship of music artists, classic studios, and professionalization of music as a career, unlike in Kenya. 

“Back in Kenya, I started from scratch, rebranding and building an authentic network. It has been a tough yet interesting journey full of lessons,” he narrates. 

Wito Records

That marked the birth of Wito Records in December 2017, which has evolved to be a training company transforming music artists and choirs.

Akin to its name “Wito”, which means “Calling”, the company has been a platform shaping music artists’ calling and launching them for greatness.

A section of Wito Records audio recording studio. PHOTO/Obed Charles.

“We offer audio recording, videography, audio recording classes, music classes, vocal training, humanitarian work, livestreaming and mobile recording services,” says Charles, its Founder and CEO. 

Located in Nyacheki in Kisii County, Wito Records also has a branch at Suneka, in the same county, with plans to expand far and wide and instill music-related expertise to more upcoming musicians. 


I have sponsored over 30 local artists to record for free in my studio, trained over 25 choirs, and sponsored 10 students in music classes. 

I have also mentored 2 producers who have opened their own studios,” he reflects, adding that all along, he has grown career-wise and found unending fulfillment in helping others. 

Delivering on the fundamentals of his calling, Charles has held numerous worship experiences in churches and extravaganzas across Kenya and Tanzania and performed during exquisite events locally, nationally and globally. 

The artist has also visited numerous schools and, besides his humanitarian work during such visits, also performed on various occasions in those schools.

During a mentorship session at Itierio Boys High School. PHOTO/Obed Charles.

One such performance was during the Kenya Keynote Tour organized by Top Talent Agencies, a US-based publishing and talent promotion entity that brought top-tier speakers to talk to students in various academic institutions in Kenya in September this year.

Charles performed at Manga Girls High School and got the eye of Teresa Lawrence, an author and international speaker who was part of the tour, who endorsed Charles’s voice to the global podia.

On October 4, 2023, during the Annual Fire-Up Connect Live event in San Diego, USA, Charles performed virtually to entertain the diverse world thinkers and transformational leaders present. 

“I did not want to just sing because I had been given an opportunity to perform, but because I had a message to pass to them. 

I performed a piece titled “Welcome to Africa, Welcome to Kenya”. I shot and sent two videos to them, which they played during the event,” he explains.

Fire-Up Connect, the event host, is a business networking group by Marie Waite aimed at supporting people curious to learn about real estate and related businesses. 

Awarded for humanitarianism

During the same event, Charles was honored and awarded for his immense contributions to community service. 

Worth noting is that in his humanitarian work, he has built several houses and done goat donation projects to transform widows’ lives, and also sponsored two students in high school. 

Charles holding his recent award with which he was honored during the Fire-Up Live event for his commitment to service and outstanding achievements. PHOTO/Obed Charles.

“Wito Records contributes 70% of the amount and the rest comes from partners, well-wishers and donors,” he clarifies. 

His community service goes past philanthropy, and he has been key in guiding young people to make informed choices through mentorship sessions and talks.

Charles has hitherto produced numerous songs, six being his own video songs, and many others in the baking, and so many audio tracks available for listening. 

With his expertise, passion, and commitment, he has undoubtedly been the choice of many, and his services are a blessing to his clients. 

“Because I cannot train everybody, I do my music as a training to help listeners and upcoming artists to understand the need for passion, commitment and creativity in music,” he says, adding that his YouTube Channel is his space for offering more training sessions.  


With Wito Records being a growing company, Charles is yet to acquire sufficient instruments for the training sessions. 

Low, irregular pay from clients, irregular training fee payments by students, and infrastructural deficit are other impediments. 

Currently, Charles is training eight students and says it takes three months to shape the learners on matters music and videography.

Exchange program

Leveraging the power of partnerships, he has been in touch with various tutors and music training institutions in Tanzania and elsewhere, with the aim of offering exchange programs and inking collaborations to help fellow music artists and expose them to how things are done elsewhere. 

Charles shares his skills and knowledge with music artists from the Gusii region during the annual music workshop. PHOTO/Obed Charles.

The worship experiences offer choirs and bands a platform to do a live recording of their songs. 

Charles’s bigger vision is to one day have an amphitheater where such talents and voices can find space to record their songs. 

Start travelling

“To anyone with the dream of standing on international and global podia,” Charles advises, “start travelling, even if it is across your neighboring countries first. That will open the doors for you to go farther.” 

He encourages patience, persistence, and sobriety during the application process for travel documents, revealing that the more regularly you travel, the more you get accustomed to the process.

“Persist. There will always be a person or more out there following your journey and willing to support you,” the gospel artist assures.

In Charles’s dream list of major places he would love to travel to and perform is the USA. 

“A live performance in USA would significantly boost my brand and also help those behind me to realize that dreams are valid, especially with determination and clarity of thought,” he anticipates. 

As a mentor, he has elevated the lives and shaped the mindsets of many, especially by taking them through nuggets on financial literacy, personal development, the power of gratitude, education and networking, and health and hygiene, among others. 

Open to collaborations, opportunities

Despite the achievements and accolades he has bagged along the way, Charles has refused to sit on his laurels.

With his guitar. He sings in a way meant to train and motivate those in the industry with a desire to get better and be more passionate. PHOTO/Obed Charles.

Every day, he seeks better opportunities, more vibrant collaborations, stronger networks and more fruitful partnerships. 

He has always offered his best, making his audiences elated and proud, and has paraded himself to be trusted and relied on by the world’s best. 

“I am determined that in whatever I do, I offer the perfect service I would have given to anyone who has taken their time or put their resources behind me to launch me to greater heights,” he says.

Charles adds that he is open to more collaborations from Kenya, Africa and the world. 

The creative understands that he needs pacesetters to give him the speed he requires for life, “And when they do it to me, I will be more capacitated to mentor more people behind me,” he envisions.

Beyond offering his training services to willing hearts in the music and creative industry, Charles is also open and available to perform in Kenya, Africa and abroad during live events, conferences, religious gatherings and other occasions deserving his voice as a music artist.

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To get in touch with Charles or be part of his success journey, you can contact him on LinkedIn or follow him on Facebook. To gain from his songs and pre-recorded training sessions, simply subscribe and watch them from his YouTube Channel.

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