Shattering Glass Ceiling: Women’s Month and the Future We Deserve

Ms Blessing Olugbuyi, Founder and Executive Director Caritas Development and Health Initiative (CDHI) addressing a panel on March 7, 2024 in Abuja Nigeria, during a national symposium organized by CDHI to commemorate Women’s International Day. PHOTO/CDHI.
  • March is considered an international women’s month.
  • This year’s theme is centered around ‘Investing in Women’.
  • We’re celebrating the achievements of women and exploring the path towards a more equitable future.

March is Women’s Empowerment Month. From the embroidery of the eighth as an International Women’s Day, it is the time of the year to acknowledge and celebrate women from all walks of life.

In Abuja, Nigeria, the Caritas Development and Health Initiative (CDHI) commemorated this special month by holding a national symposium.

Highlighting the United Nations Year theme of investing in women, the initiative aimed at empowering women in Nigeria by Fostering Inclusivity for Sustainable Development.

Nigerian women, through informed discussions, capacity building, and actionable recommendations, were not only highly empowered but also impacted.

Participants at the Nigeria International women’s day national symposium in Abuja on March 7, 2024. PHOTO/CDHI.

The symposium brought together an impressive array of government officials, international development partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women entrepreneurs, activists, students, and passionate individuals from various sectors committed to women’s empowerment.

With a keen focus on exchanging knowledge, it addressed the challenges faced by women, fostered collaboration, shared success stories, advocated for policy reform, and celebrated the achievements of women in diverse fields.

In an inspiring welcome address by the Initiative’s Founder and Executive Director, Blessing Olugbuyi, the event remarked on the significance of creating a society where every woman is empowered for Nigeria’s sustainable development.

Olugbuyi acknowledged the current challenges faced by women and stressed the importance of dialogue, collaboration, and inspiration to explore innovative strategies for fostering inclusivity.

Other dignitaries present were Dr. Charles Usie, Country Director of Plan International, and Dr. Lawrence Babatunde Aremu, Director of Special Duties, representing Professor Paulinus Chijioke Okwelle, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Colleges of Education, who praised CDHI for its outstanding work in promoting women’s empowerment, inclusivity, and well-being in Nigeria.

Notable representatives from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), United Nations Women, the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, the Network Against Trafficking, Abuse, and Labour (NACTAL), the United Nations Information Centre, the National Assembly, the Presidency, and more added their voices, emphasizing the urgent need for women’s inclusion at all levels.

Furthermore, CDHI also selected 20 women for empowerment and equipped 2 makeup artists with a full start-up kit to kick-start their businesses.

Meanwhile, almost every key speaker emphasized the importance of prioritizing women’s education, eliminating gender-based violence, promoting economic empowerment, ensuring equal political representation, guaranteeing access to quality healthcare, fostering a culture of inclusivity and gender equality, and strengthening collaboration and accountability.

The symposium concluded with a powerful collective vision for women’s empowerment, well-being, and inclusivity, presented by the director as he urged the participants to call upon the government and the international community to prioritize the outlined actions.

In her closing remarks, Olugbuyi expressed sincere gratitude to all the sponsors and supporters, underscoring their unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality, women’s health, empowerment, and inclusivity. She called upon everyone to carry forward the spirit of the discussions, emphasizing the importance of unity in creating a future that uplifts women in Nigeria and beyond.

The Nigerian women who were present firmly believed that prioritizing their empowerment initiative was crucial for sustainable development and urged governments and the international community to break down barriers hindering women from reaching their full potential.

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Caritas Development and Health Initiative remains steadfast in its mission to empower women and contribute to the betterment of society.

Delegates during a photo session at the International Women’s day National Symposium in Abuja, Nigeria on March 7, 2024. PHOTO/CDHI.

Dr. Babatunde Aremu, Director Special Duties National Commission for Colleges of Education addressing the media during the symposium. He represented Prof. Paulinus Chijioke Okwelle, the Executive Secretary National Commission for Colleges of Education. PHOTO/CDHI.

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