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PHOTO/Janet Kiriswo.

With the surge of Covid-19 cases in Kenya and the country taking a risk to reopen schools in January,parents had no option but to let their children resume structured learning.

This time, apart books and pens, learners have to carry face masks, which form part of uniform, literally.

It has been tough to sensitize the children on the importance of not sharing masks and not touching surfaces unnecessarily and also keeping their hands clean always

Teachers, parents and guardians have done their best so far, some with the help of community well-wishers and leaders.

One such community leader is Victor Kipsang, a Director at VICMAA Limited.

Kipsang is a well know resident of Lembus ward in Eldama Ravine Sub County.

He launched a program to support all 27 Public and private primary schools including ECDs across Lembus ward.

Each school has an average of 300 pupils making them over 8000 in total.

They have all benefited from 5 liters of sanitizers each and 200 boxes of masks.

He ensures that the pupils are well sensitized concerning how to keep corona virus away by use of masks and sanitizers in their schools.

“Health protocols require all pupils to have masks and hand wash or sanitizer. Due to tough economic times caused by the pandemic, the majority of parents can’t afford to buy masks,” says Kipsang.

The schools that benefitted from his initiative include Torongo and Mwachon, Boito, Kirima, Sikowet, Emanuel Junior Academy, Nyakio, Kamura, Tarigo, Seguton, Mosop Academy, Tambaras, Chemeswon, Muchukato, Tinet, Kapsigot, Nerkwo, Bikwen, Tiripkatoi, Kibarasoi, Tugumoi and Soibei.

Kipsang also buys exam revision papers for class 7 and 8, with the aim of motivating them, and easing their parents, guardians and teachers’ burden.

He is famously known for his Community Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that he does often to ensure he in a small way empowers the community.

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