A look at Uganda’s first all-female poetry label: Echo Minds Poets

Echo Minds Poets was founded by Africa’s Poetic Queen- Carolyn Afroetry MA in 2019 when she first made a call out for female poets.

Only five female poets (Ray255256, Brandy, Mercy Geno, Shaminator, and Lucy Mega) responded.

They had their first show (She4She) production on 31st March at the National Theatre that same year on the theme: Empowerment and elevation of women.

Their next show (We Silently hurt) staged at Goethe Zentrum was about depression, and they were later joined by two other female poets(Destiny T-ga and Sheilla Aarakit).

On 2nd October 2021, they will be staging their 3rd poetry show in Dual Apartments Ntinda against Body-Shaming, where they will be joined by their two newest additions to the crew (Agatha and Pinkie).

The goal of Echo Minds Poets is to rewrite their stories as women and change the narrative (Voice the African Woman experience).

They hope to inspire, educate and invite other women to speak out.


  1. Carolyne M. Acen:

She’s the founder of Echo Minds Poets and is popularly known on stages as Afroetry or the Unapologetic Poet because she doesn’t mince her words.

Born of Otuke District, Afroetry is also an Author whose poems have been translated into several languages and have been hosted on several platforms both National and International.

She writes mostly about history, depression, and women’s stories. She’s the sassiest, and boldest Echo Minds Poet.

  1. Agenorwot Mercy:

Popularly known as Geno Mercy Apachi (the shy poet) on Poetry stages, she joined the label at Inception.

Geno hails from Kitgum and is an Events MC and Award-winning journalist.

She’s the most outspoken Echo Minds Poet and she hopes to inspire everybody that has never fit in for any reason with society’s standards of beauty, moral ethics, success, among others.

  1. Arinitwe Brenda:

Brenda goes by the stage name Brandy and joined the Echo Minds at inception.

She has performed on all the Echo Minds shows and a few advocacy platforms.

She’s also passionate about feminism and currently hosts a podcast program named #TheBlackGirlCode on Home Fm.

She is the most free-spirited and ambiverted Echo Minds Poet.

  1. Vumilia Racheal:

Her stage name is ©Ray255256 “The Lioness” and currently resides in the heart of Uganda, Kampala.

She was among the first Echo Minds Poets and has performed in all Echo Minds Shows.

Racheal writes to set free the brightest butterflies in her with ink on paper and has a lot to achieve in the poetry linage.

She is an innocent baby Echo Minds church girl.

  1. Destiny Gladys Chaiga:

She goes by the stage name Destiny T-ga/The MidNight Owl.

Destiny comes from West Nile, Moyo District, and joined Echo Minds in 2019 during their second show.

Her greatest aspiration is to speak up and raise awareness about societal issues and has been hosted in several platforms.

Amongst the poets, she’s the most humble.

  1. Aarakit Sheilla:

The motivational poet is what she’s popularly known in poetry stages.

She hails from Tororo and was introduced to the group by the CEO Echo Minds Poets fulfillment just after their first show at the National theater in 2019.

To motivate and inspire through poetry is her biggest fulfillment because the world needs more of it each day.

She’s the most silent and reserved Echo Minds.

  1. Agatha Rachael Akullu:

Commonly known as the Repellent or A4L, Agatha was born in Kole District and was introduced to the label in 2021 by the CEO, who started as her mentor in 2018.

She is also a literacy activist, author, and ED Read-Us Africa.

To Agatha, writing is her only solace, tranquility, and true best friend in this world where rejection is her first name.

She’s the most stubborn, shy, and youngest Echo Minds Poets.

  1. Oinokwesiga Pinkleen:

She’s Echo Mind’s newest brilliant addition and is popularly known as Pinkie in the poetry streets.

She hails from Mbarara and is also a poet at Ladu, Open Mic.

She desires to inspire people through poetry because through this, she is healed and she wants other people to heal as she airs out things and issues that are mostly left untackled.

She’s the most friendly and lively Echo Minds Poet.


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Ms Akullu is a poet, ED Read-Us Africa, Author, and currently pursuing BAED at Makerere University, Uganda. Her contact: a.akullu@scholarmedia.africa


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