TECHNOLOGY: Here is how you can create a unique outdoor room

A powder coated outdoor metal table. PHOTO/Courtesy.

After many hours of hustle, bustle and tussle trying to make ends meet, people relax and entertain themselves outdoors while watching the sun go down.

At sunset, skillfully designed gardens create unmatched regal enchantment.

With advancing technology, decorative metal outdoor furniture design has offered an endless stylish appearance. If you are lucky to have a backyard space or a balcony, spending a lot of time at home can be much nicer and enjoyable but your home’s outdoor decorative design makes a difference. 

If you need an outdoor furniture design space where you will be comfortable lingering, you need to consider some basic issues: “Are you protected from the sun? Can you put a drink down? Can you put your feet up? Can you sit comfortably with your arms on the chair? Does your outdoor furniture look appealing? Does your furniture last?

In a nutshell, before putting in place your outdoor furniture, you ought to think of it as another room in your home. 

According to Charlotte Moss, a New York-based exterior designer and passionate gardener, an outdoor room design does not serve any function particularly well when it tries to do everything.

He, however, advises homeowners and outdoor furniture designers to do thorough scrutiny before putting in place the furniture. 

For the dining outdoor space design, you need chairs that allow people to sit upright and tables that are high enough to eat at a different arrangement in contrast to a space for casual lounging where metal chairs and low tables may be appropriate.  

According to Mr. Shrader, a US-based designer, there has to be a connection between interior and exterior design for the unmatched blend.

Through his informative write-ups in the local newspaper, he encourages other designers to start with indoor furniture before deciding the outdoor furniture to achieve an effortless connection between the two since the interior-design scheme dictates the material and color for the outdoor furniture.

However, according to the experts, it is somehow hard to make the outdoor design as comfortable and chic as the indoors although many people enjoy spending their time out.

Home owners are advised to place much furniture and as many accessories as indoors to give it an admirable look.  

While brainstorming on outdoor furniture ideas, plenty of comfortable seats and tables should always be in the minds of outdoor designers as well as homeowners.

In many instances, metal chairs and tables have been the point of interest for many outdoor designers.

These metals, according to Bernard Kisambo, a Senior Engineer at Duff Engineering, should be powder-coated to protect them from harsh weather conditions. 

According to Mr. Moon, if the outdoor room is next to a wall, a mirror and pieces of sculpture or wall-mounted planters give an admirable look. Laser cut metal art would also bring beauty and personality to the space.

Powder-coating gives outdoor designers multiple color and texture choices which match with the indoor furniture design. It also ensures the durability of the furniture since powder-coated metal cannot be scratched, corroded, or abraded. 

Mr. Shrader suggests that metal privacy screens should be added to the outdoor living space for privacy reasons.

The metal screens should be powder coated to avoid discoloration, rusting and other adverse effects brought by harsh weather conditions. 

Finally, strategic placing of bowls and candle holders which can be rearranged at the owner’s preferred time gives your outdoor room unique and best looks. 

Mr. Harun is a powder coating expert based in Nairobi, Kenya. His contacts is and more ideas are available on

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Mr. Harun is a powder coating expert based in Nairobi, Kenya


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