EXPERT OPINION: It is Eccentric if the Sanctity of Constitution is taken for Granted

Dr. Nyatundo George Oruongo.

That is why there is skepticism if not scorn about reforming the alleged devil in the winner-take-all system. We are surrounded by a few winners in our decidedly inequitable status quo society. This creamy layer declares itself devotees of change. They claim to recognize the crisis and strive to participate in solving the problem. In fact, they expect to guide the exploration for possible answers. 

Yet, they consider that their recipes merit being at the vanguard of socio-political transformation. They may join or support actions sponsored by common citizens but as a norm, they end up high-jacking such drives by assuming that socio-political change is just another pack of cards to reshuffle at will. Their position at the helm of these socio-political restructuring pursuits obviously mirrors their biases.

This is puzzling and far more important for the lives of Kenyans. Otherwise, why, can’t prosperity be largely scattered up and down the income ladder, instead of the gains of economic growth going habitually to those at the top? Why has our economy become more perilous and unpredictable for most citizens while it has formed enormous wealth for the initiated and well-to-do? The mystery is dramatic. The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the frustration by aggravating the mystery in accumulating runaway fly-by-night affluence. 

The values and principles of governance under the constitution should be enough to deal with such vice. They bind all persons whatever their rank whenever any of them; applies or interprets the Constitution; enacts, applies or interprets any law; or makes or implements public policy decisions. However, the values and principles as entrenched in our constitution have failed to resonate positively among our political leadership.

The conundrum is aggravated further by administering the market in a manner that transfers the risks of the new economic playing field downhill; saddling Kenyans with humongous debt, ripping deadly voids in the safety grid, and striking wide-ranging financial risks on ‘We the People’ as youth, middle-class, workers, investors, and taxpayers. The recent halting by Kenya’s Parliament of tax cuts aimed at cushioning East Africa’s richest economy against the corona virus pandemic is an eye opener.

Currently, Kenyans are wandering through all political mountains and hills. They are helpless like sheep without a shepherd. Thus scattered, they have become political prey. The political leadership is therefore called upon to establish our goings on justice as the measuring line and honesty as the plumb bob of governance. Take steps to seek the strayed and gather the lost. Let’s bind our destiny on the fabric of one blood, one people and one nation. All are called to abjure the fast refuge of divide and rule.

It’s through times like these that iniquitous politicians fade away from the service of the nation; however, he who endures by standing up for the interests of the poor masses will earn the adoration of fellow countrymen.

Tyranny, like a bottomless pit, cannot be drenched effortlessly. Nevertheless, there’s splendid comfort in winning ruthless battles. There’s little regard for a prize obtained cheaply. It’s endearment that gives value to everything. It would, therefore, be eccentric if the sanctity of our constitution, indeed, our very being, is taken for granted by our political class.

Dr. Oruongo is a Legal Scholar, based in India. His contact is

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Dr. Oruongo is a Kenyan Legal Scholar based in India. His contact:


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