We all have unforgettable moments

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By Mahadhi Alfan Kale

Our life is a mixture of good and bad experiences.

Indeed, there must be something in everyone’s life that is unforgettable.

It can be either a good or a bad one.

These experiences never get erased from our memories. They remain alive throughout our lives.

Some events can be life-changing for many of us.

I am sure that every one of us has a memorable day or event.

I also have few such memories in my mind but one among tops the list and occupies the largest space in my memory.

My experience shows that life is full of different types of experiences.

Everyday that passes in our life is not the same.

Moreover, is not possible for us to remember every day of our life but there are days or moments of life that are memorable.

It is not easy for us to forget that day or the event.

The happening of any beautiful or sad event makes that day to be unforgettable from our memories.

There are special moments in everyone’s life.

These moments make the day to be the one that we could never forget in our life.

We have heard people saying that this incident changed my life totally.

It could be something good like getting successful, being awarded, finding love or getting married.

It can also be something bad like death, accident or getting to know about some incurable disease.

The reasons can be many but the effect of that incident is long-lasting.

The days were passing and we were busy making preparations for my birthday ceremony in March 2020.

Suddenly I turned my eyes to the television set in the room.

A breaking news item on the television stated that Kenya had reported its first case of the novel COVID-19.

In effect, a lockdown had been imposed to last for several days.

Later this lockdown was converted into a nationwide lockdown on 25th March 2020.

I had never experienced a lockdown before this happened.

Everything was stopped. This kind of situation baffled Kenyans.

Therefore this day became edged in the memories of many people.

It is true that we cannot go back to the past and live any moment that we want.

The memories of these days help us in remembering the same and making that moment alive for us.

  • Mr Kale is a Communications student at the University of Nairobi
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