Poetry: A million things

A frustrated young person. PHOTO/Unsplash.

Born a million hours ago

Learned a million things

Had a million laughs

And a million cries

It’s what it is: this world.

Have paid a million shillings

To learn a thousand things

Read through a million words

To learn a thousand things

To be paid a few thousands

For my infinity needs

It’s what it is: this world.

It’s now a millionth journey

Earning hundreds and a few thousands

To sort my Goliath bills

With my David salary,

It’s what it is: this world.

I have a million thoughts

A thousand of them suicidal

A thousand of them millionaire’s 

Another thousand of them leaving home

Another hundred on billionaire dreams

It’s what it is: this world.

After a million dreams

I learned a million things

A million is a million

In dreams or in reality

So I’m a millionaire

With or without the notes

It’s what it is: this world.

This poem is about a young man who, after spending so much in getting educated, has been trying to get his life going by chasing his dreams. Life frustrates him. He is employed, but the bills his salary is supposed to service are bigger than what he earns.

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He laments that life has been harsh on him and plans to leave the country to search for greener pastures.

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