Poetry: On One Leg

A person holding a paining leg. PHOTO/iStock.

I walked home on one leg

A result of illicit elopement

That which drove my mind wild

As a wicked wizard roaming people’s yards

Like a lizard on heat creepeth,

Like a dying fly on cow milk.

I ran, as a little she-goat looking for rams

As mad dogs to wild cats.

In the promise of love,

In the promise of a future


In the promise of children

In the promise of provision

In the promises endless,

Endlessness of cultivated hope.

But how could my eyes have clogged

Of the cause of false infatuation

Of coins and chicken change

Change from the young man boss’ mines.

And then their gold ran dry

My boy mines gold no more but rather

Mines my aching heart and flesh

Of bent bark in the angry sun

Until I should feed his village clouts

Out of my drying blood and flesh.

Only recently, I said enough is enough

And parked to go home

I would have walked on my limbs

And crawled to repent of the old man’s glory

But a plate fell on my knees

The village’s witch doctor suggested, my rotting limb,

be cut off—it is a bad omen

But home I still went

On one leg, there—

I would heal and start afresh

With traditional blessings!


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Mr. Otieno is a Literature enthusiast, an English/Literature teacher, a writer, poet, playwright, and novelist. He is the President of the Bleeding Ink Global Writers Society, a detail-oriented columnist, and a literary critic. His contact: bonfacetieno551@gmail.com


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