Poetry: Unhappy royal highness

A royal crown. Photo/Courtesy.

Why is the king crying crimson blood?

Highness cries of his iniquities inflicted—

By himself on the people who loved him

By himself on the people who trusted him

By himself on the people who worshiped him

By himself on the people who toiled for him

By himself on the people whose blood shed for him 

By himself on the people who crowned his head!

So, why did his worship wait until the situation was rotten?

That one! It was his sycophant royalties 

To them, the king was the king

Above the law, above his subjects

Above suffering, above death and disease

Above tradition or curses and taboos

Above education of his wretched subjects

Above mercy or grace

And most of all: Him—the king

Owner of all treasures, pleasures, and measures!

He is the king and must so remain!

So, why does the king cry now?

His people’s legs got numb from squatting on the king’s land

Their sweat depleted, and sugar levels around from the scorching blaze

Some lamented innocently flying prime bullets

That took careless men who walked on their way

Others said it was better an axe than a dozen for taxes

Yet others whose freedom died at least wanted to bury it. 

Yet I heard in whispers 

I heard rumors he had a boil in his head

Another in his heart! 

Both swollen and ready to blast. 

The king’s people broke loose, enraged,

Awoke like a lactating mother wild cat

All matching and chanting freedom songs

Vandalizing his kingdom, peace and treasures

That is why the king moans like a little hungry infant!

Waah! If this tale is true as you tell, then I agree.

Power is defenseless before an angry-hungry nation

There is nothing royal under impunity, bloodshed and mediocrity

Thirst for freedom can drain down a mighty mountain

A red-eyed wizard differs not from

A mourning royal king.

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I have to go and tell of what I heard you say! 

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Mr. Otieno is a Literature enthusiast, an English/Literature teacher, a writer, poet, playwright, and novelist. He is the President of the Bleeding Ink Global Writers Society, a detail-oriented columnist, and a literary critic. His contact: bonfacetieno551@gmail.com


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