POETRY: What’s in a name?

Ms Carolyne Afroetry MA(Afro-Floetic Queen), a Ugandan Poet. PHOTO/Courtesy.

By Carolyne Afroetry, The Unapologetic Poet

There is energy in a name.
Your names have a history
that catapults the flames
of your identity.
It sets you apart from everyone.
Your surname remarks heredity.

Your name is your shield.
It conjures memories and feelings.
It denotes a connection.
Your name is a footage of
amazing scrolls splashing
the essence of indestructibility.

Your name is what your mother
calls you when she cuddles you.
Your name is what your friends refer
to you when they want to connect.
Your name is what your lover calls
you when he wants to kiss and
hold you.

Your name is a finger print of
identity thrust upon you at birth.
A stamp that will be smudged
on your death certificate and
engraved on your tomb stone.
Your name is whatever you
want it to be.

Our names carry a bond that
remind us that we are all human.
Our names bear the mark of
So, don’t let the world fence
you with names that do not
define you.

You are amazing!
You are Beautiful!
You are awesome!
You are gifted!
You are a star!

So, what shall I name you, child?

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