Nyaribo tells his opponents to keep their lanes

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo speaking during a past event. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

Nyamira County Governor Amos Nyaribo has asked his opponents to focus on the mandate given to them by their electorates.

Speaking during the launch of medical equipment valued at Ksh22 million at Nyamira County hospital, Nyaribo took issue with Borabu constituency legislature Ben Momanyi over what he termed baseless accusations targeting his government.
He asked Momanyi to focus on working for his electorate before poking holes on issues that do not fall in his docket and which were baseless.
“We are not after petty politics, what we want is real transformation of our county. You cannot ride on my name when all facts are laid bare on our websites.

We should be factual rather than just roaming around with baseless propaganda,” he said.
Nyaribo asked Momanyi to first utilize the National Government Constituency Fundy (NG-CDF) kitty well before salivating for county seat.

Nyaribo said the governorship position is too big for Momanyi.
“How will you manage the affairs of the county when you are unable to run a simple constituency. The auditor general has raised queries over the management of the kitty and you think you can manage county billions?” Nyaribo said.
“I welcome positive criticism and always strive to be part of the solution instead of going round spreading unfounded propaganda to taint me as a bad person. This won’t make you governor,” said Nyaribo.
He called on those eyeing the county seat to conduct peaceful campaigns and sell their ideas without mud-slinging.

He noted that electorate had the final say.
“Elections are far and we should utilize this time to sell our manifestos without injuring other people’s reputation.

All in all, the electorate will make the final decision on who leads them when the time comes,” he added.
Auditor General Nancy Gathungu raised concerns in her audit report touching Borabu constituency.

She said over Ksh. 8.9 million out of Ksh.26.2 million was not accounted for.

This was in respect to disbursement of bursaries to students in various learning institutions.
“Consequently, the validity of and regularity of the expenditure of Ksh.8.9 million as at 30th June could not be ascertained,” read the auditor’s report.
Momanyi is considered a formidable candidate in the gubernatorial contest next year.

Nyaribo will also defend the seat.

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