Why education, health are Prof Marwanga’s priority areas as he eyes Nyamira gubernatorial seat

Prof Reuben Marwanga speaking before he issued deposit slips to needy students who are drawn from Bosamaro Ward. PHOTO/Nyang'au Araka, The Scholar Media Africa.

A scholar eyeing Nyamira gubernatorial seat is saddened with the high level of poverty that is denying students in the county peace in their pursuit for education. 

Prof Reuben Marwanga said that a lasting solution to this challenge should be sought. 

“If I win in the gubernatorial contest next year, my first agenda will be creation of a kitty from whence the county government will pay fees for needy students,” Prof Marwanga said. 

“With the help of the county assembly, we will ensure that no student misses school because of lack of fees.”

Prof Marwanga who teaches at Strathmore University said his administration will support such students through bursaries and scholarships. 

“We will inject resources in the kitty and source for more from abroad through my network that transcends continents of the world,” he said. 

Progressively, the education kitty will benefit every learner in high school or college, provides that he or she hails from the county.
This will be irrespective of the student’s family social and economic background. 

“With time, we will seek for ways of paying some fraction of fees for every student, because the truth is that a majority of parent are really struggling to see their children in school,” he said. 

Prof Marwanga was speaking today at Bigege Polytechnic during the issuance of deposit slips for needy students drawn from various villages across Bosamaro Ward. 

He said the foundation, which he founded in 2009, was focused on alleviating the suffering of needy students.

The foundation has benefitted several students from the county in terms of fees.

“I didn’t start the foundation with politics in mind, but I’m sure that if I occupy the office of governor, I will be able to do more as regards to supporting our people,” Prof Marwanga said.

“Activities of this foundation only give a highlight of the burning desire within me to prepare more educationists and scholars from the county,” he said.

Job creation and placement of emerging professionals from the county will also be his agenda.

On health, Prof Marwanga said that he will create an environment upon which every Nyamira resident can access a free medical checkup annually. 

“Prevention is better than cure. We will ensure that preventive medicine is at the core of our services to the people of Nyamira,” he said. 

Prof Marwanga who is also the chairman of Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) urged students to make the best use of their time to achieve their goals.

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