What you can do to get support for your ambitions

In all our ambitions and endeavors, it is important to have a support system that encourages and helps us in achieving our goals and dreams.

But at times we have pressure instead of support.

And what drives our whole lives are the expectations that turn us into ‘pressure’ chasing pressure.

But for us to live the life Jesus wanted to give us, and to live to it to fullest, we need to have support, positive support.

In this article, I seek to help us identity our support systems for survival in this ambitions driven life.


God is the maker of heaven and earth.

We know that we can do nothing without God as captured in John 15:5.

We also know that we can do all things through the strength that Christ gives – (Philippians 4:13).

This makes it clear that before we begin looking for support in other things or people, God should be the foundation of our ambition, strength and support.

When we have God in our lives, it is easy for us to have courage and encouragement because we can trust that the God who begun the good work in us will steer it to completion.

So as we live out our ambitions while grounded in Jesus, we find that even without human support, we are encouraged because the Lord is on our side constantly giving us the strength and the will to fulfil his purpose – (Philippians 2:13).

Because of God’s love for us, He brings us to more human support that when grounded in Him, are able to be the support for us as intended.


There are people whom God has placed in your life to build you in His purpose for you.

However, identifying them is the tricky part.

Most times we can end up with the wrong company and instead of encouraging our ambition, our friends kill or frustrate it.

We need to be careful when choosing the people we let into our inner circle because our company defines us.

There is really no sure way to know the motives of the people we find on our path but we know the one who sees their motives.

This means that the best we can do is to keep on praying that God may reveal to us their motives, but also guide us to people who will nourish our ambition.

On the other hand, we can tell our motives.

Why do I want to be with her all the time? Why do I follow him around? Why are we tailing certain people?

Most times if we are not focused, we find ourselves attracted to people who feed our desires and leisure rather than ambition.

These are people who do not yield anything in the field of our ambition.

Note that these people may not be bad people but they may not be what will build you.

In this case, the solution sometimes may not be to cut them off, but to distance ourselves from them.


Family comprises of people whom God placed first in our lives as we were born.

Naturally family is supposed to have your back, to guide, correct, support, to love and do so much more.

Often times we find that even when our other community is against us, our family will stand for and with us.

However, not everyone was born into families, but we thank God that family can also be made.

Family can be created. Everyone; orphan, or non orphan has the opportunity to have a family by who we let into our circle, who is our company.

These are the people in our lives that care, have our backs and we can turn to them for help.

And even if we don’t have such people, we have God and that is enough.

His presence and Holy Spirit fills us.

Indeed, Ephesians 5: 30 says that the Holy Spirit is God’s mark of ownership on us.

Also knowing the Holy Spirit is a gift for everyone if they are willing to receive it.

This gives us the assurance that even when all people leave us, we still have a family.

We still have more than enough; we still have everything.

It means that we can find support for the purpose God has for us and our ambitions because we have God.

Therefore, it is not really a question of how many friends you have, or if your family loves you, or if your family is normal so that you may know that you have the support we need.

The real question for our ambition is if it is the path God wants us to take.

If it is then we have all we need in Him alone and if He wills it then He shall align our paths with family and friends that support His ambition in us.

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Ms Ashaba is a Christian writer based in Uganda. Her contact: rizerashaba@gmail.com


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