Ghetto Kids Golden Buzzer: Changing lives, one dance at a time

Golden Buzzer-winning Ghetto Kids from Uganda perform at Series 16 of Britain's Got Talent performances on April 15, 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Golden Buzzer-winning Ghetto Kids from Uganda perform at Series 16 of Britain's Got Talent performances on April 15, 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.
  • They are from a family of thirty orphaned yet inspirational children.
  • The team saw Judge Tonioli hammer the golden buzzer mid-performance.
  • Their life is a journey of total resilience and enthusiasm.

In the spiraling Ugandan capital, Kampala, a group of young kid performers known as the Ghetto Kids (Triplets Ghetto Kids) have captivated audiences across the globe with their infectious energy and electrifying dance moves. 

Born and raised in one of Uganda’s poverty-stricken slums, these talented kids have overcome countless obstacles to achieve international acclaim and fame, thanks partly to a viral video that thrust them into the spotlight.

It’s birth

The Ghetto Kids are a music/dance group formed in 2014. 

The group comprises children from the Katwe slums in Kampala, Uganda.

Some of the Triplets Ghetto Kids benefitting from the foundation. PHOTO/Courtesy.

These kids are orphans or without any other family. They are part of a family of 30 children taken care of by Kavuma Dauda, the Founder and Managing Director of the entire team.  

“Because of him, that’s why we go to school, that’s why we are healthy, because of him, that’s why we are here,” one of the kids said in Britain’s Got Talent brief interview. 

He saw potential in the children from the city’s slum where he grew up. 

He gave them a new family and, most importantly, a home. He allows them to use their talents to travel the world through dance and music, shining on global stages.

Ghetto Kids with Kavuma Dauda, their mentor, father and group's founder. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Ghetto Kids with Kavuma Dauda, their mentor, father and group’s founder. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The rise

The kids decided to dance to Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya Loss” music. Kenzo is a Ugandan singer and music executive. 

Little did they know that their impromptu performance would go viral, amassing over 8 million views on YouTube and other social platforms.

Kenzo had just learned about the video when a friend brought it to his attention.

But that was not the beginning of their story. Kenzo was so impressed by the kids’ talent that he asked them to collaborate in the song’s official video, released in September of that year. 

And just like that, the Ghetto Kids were born into the world. 

The exposure allowed them to return to school and enabled Kavuma to buy equipment to develop the group. 

Their inspiration and resilience has seen them this far. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Ready for a street dance. Their intrinsic inspiration and resilience have seen them this far. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Kenzo also composed and produced several music pieces for the group, leading to tours across Africa and the United Kingdom in the following months.

Tragedy struck on November 30, 2015, when 14-year-old Alex Ssempijja, one of them, died from a bicycle accident. 

Despite their loss, the Ghetto Kids continued their touring performances throughout Africa and beyond. 

Their talent and hard work caught the attention of American artists Nicky Minaj and P. Diddy. 

In 2017, they even featured in French Montana’s “Unforgettable” clip, launching their success in the United States. 

Breaking records

The Ghetto Kids’ unique blend of African dance and music has earned them a place on the world stage. 

Introducing themselves to the world ahead of the performance during the 6th Season of Britain's Got Talent. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Introducing themselves to the world ahead of the performance during Series 16 of Britain’s Got Talent. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Their appearance on Series 16 of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) show marked a vital milestone for the group, gaining exposure and recognition on a global platform and etching their name in the world’s memory. 

The judges were in awe of their infectious enthusiasm, praising their synchronized moves and high-energy performance. 

As the kids stood on stage, donned in green African attire, tears streaming down their faces, they couldn’t believe what they had just attained.

They earned the “golden buzzer” from Judge Bruno Tonioli mid-performance on the show. 

“I have to do it now!” Tonioli said as he pressed the buzzer. 

The golden buzzer is like the holy grail of talent shows, showering them with a storm of glittery confetti and sending them into a frenzy of entertainment. 

It’s the ultimate seal of approval, catapulting the chosen ones direct through the show’s final rounds. 

And when the Triplets Ghetto Kids hit Britain’s Got Talent stage, they didn’t just earn the coveted buzzer — they made history by becoming the first performers ever to receive it mid-performance! 

The judges were in awe, the crowd went wild, and the confetti rained in a glittering ecstasy. This is a moment that will go down in talent show history.

Ghetto Kids celebrate after judge hammered the Golden Buzzer while they were still performing. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Ghetto Kids celebrate after Judge Bruno Tonioli hammered the Golden Buzzer while they were still performing. PHOTO/Courtesy.

“That’s actually never happened. Normally, the golden buzzer is pressed afterwards. He (Tonioli) gave you the golden buzzer and you performed with the confetti. It was magical,” said Judge Simon Cowell, whose sentiments were also reverberated by Judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

Upon the triumphant performance, “This is a Moment of A Lifetime! Thank you Britain’s Got Talent. See you at the Semi-Finals! To you, our fans in Uganda, Africa and internationally, we thank you for the love and support!” Dauda celebrated on his Facebook wall.

Making a difference

The Inspire Kids Foundation is a beacon of hope for underprivileged kids from impoverished families and backgrounds. 

Over the years, thirteen years to be precise, the foundation has faced different challenges, but that has only made them more resilient and stronger. 

Through it all, the bright smiles from the children and unwavering support from the children they serve have been a constant source of inspiration.

The foundation is dedicated to giving a second chance at life to vulnerable children, orphans, and those needy and deprived. 

They use a family-oriented approach, focusing on rehabilitation through clothing, mentorship, shelter, healthcare, education, and other basic needs. 

The foundation believes every kid deserves a chance to reach their maximum potential regardless of their circumstances and background.

For the Inspire Ghetto Kids Foundation, life has not always been rosy. 

But thanks to the dedication and hard work of the foundation’s team—these children can find solace from their troubled pasts and change into lovely beings. 

Through education and dance, they can thrive and grow, becoming an inspiration. 

It is an ongoing battle towards improving the lives of disadvantaged children in the community. 

The foundation thrives on bookings from performing kids, generous individuals like you and me, and donations from organizations. 

Their performances are full of dexterity and vigor, enthusing all eyes. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Their performances are full of dexterity and vigor, enthusing all eyes. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Our support is vital to providing a solid hope for needy, deprived, vulnerable, and orphaned children like these, seeking another chance to escape the hood and chase their dreams more clearly.


This story has left everyone with a sense of inspiration and admiration.

These young kids, who started just as an exploration of their hobbies and talents, have achieved international recognition. 

They have won the hearts of millions around the world. You can only imagine what the future holds for these talented performers. 

One thing is certain: their impact will continue to be felt for years.

Whether they delight audiences on the world stage or inspire other children in their community and the world to pursue their passions, the Ghetto Kids will always be a shining example of the transformational power of the human spirit and art.

As we reflect on this beautiful, inspiring story, let it remind us of the power of determination, hard work, and resilience in the face of adversity. 

Let it inspire you never to give up and to pursue your dreams. Start by watching their performances and subscribing to their Youtube Channel at Triplets Ghetto Kids.

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And perhaps, just perhaps, the next time you hear the sound of their beats and the rhythm of the ecstatic moves, you will be transported back to the dusty streets of Kampala, where these young performers refused to be defined by their circumstances, but instead, danced their way to a bright future!

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