Ugandan student shines at TETRIX global brain challenge

Hussain Akil Bharmal, Information Technology student at the International University of East Africa (IUEA). He emerged fourth in the 2021 TETRIX brain challenge held in Rio De Janeiro. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Many organizations and companies are rising up to tap talents right from childhood to adulthood.

TETRIX, the largest college challenge in the world aims at connecting college talent with the growing digital transformation.

It also seeks to give opportunity for developing unorthodox skills and promoting cultural exchange among participants.

This year’s Global challenge was sealed on 1st November in the VTEX office in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

It attracted over 154,000 participants from 84 countries.

Only 24 college students made it to the final phases.

15 of them were Brazilians and the rest represented Argentina, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Hussain Akil Bharmal, a 21-year-old student of Information Technology at International University of East Africa (IUEA) finished fourth.

Chilean student Francisca Avaria came in first place, Brazilian Nivea Virgolino second and Indian Nikita Machigani took third place.

“I saw an advertisement on Instagram one day and I just decided to try it out…I was surprised when I found out that I reached the final round. I hope I made everyone proud,” Hussain said during an interview with TETRIX.

“Indeed, if you never try you will never know, every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

This is not the only talent/achievement witnessed from IUEA this year.

Hussain Bharmal with the other five TETRIX global challenge 2021 finalists. Photo/TETRIX.

In October, it was student Shafik Kiwanuka also known as “killing machine”, a world’s boxing federation Heavy Weight Champion of Africa, who put up a heavy performance against South Africa’s Chris Thompson in Tanzania.

The university was also awarded for its “IUEA Electric” motorcycles by the 2021 Uganda Science and Innovators’ Award under the mobility 18+ category this month.

In addition to the TETRIX Competition, the 24 youngsters that made it to Rio De Janeiro participated in a chain of activities.

This included lecture with Neuroscience Professor Wesley Barbosa, a visit to Christ the Redeemer statue, a show by Batuque Digital and a helicopter ride for the mighty six finalists.

The winner Francisca Avaria was awarded a trip to five continents (America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa) as prize, during which she will be introduced to the biggest digital trends in the market.

– Hussain can be reached via @hussainb256 on instagram and twitter

The 2021 TETRIX global challenge winner, Francisca Avaria. PHOTO/TETRIX.
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