The upcoming glory of Kenya and heritage of splendor

Ms Mercy Njeri, an Economist & Writer.

“Mimi sitafuti Green Card kwenda Marekani! Nangoja watu watafute Blue Card kukuja Kenya!”

(I am not seeking a Green Card to go to America. I am waiting for people to seek Blue Cards to come to Kenya).”

Every time my spiritual father mentions these words, a spark snaps. A ray of hope shines. A blue card application search happens within my mind.

As wow results pop up spontaneously, an echo of patriotism in first degree arrives in my ears. ‘Kenyan’ feels like the most prestigious title I’ll ever attain. For a moment, the weight of my national identity card, which, as far as I am concerned, exists as an ‘occasional gate pass thing’, hits hard.

On a serious note, I take a silent oath of allegiance to continually handle the document of success and its expectations thereof with all due diligence.

So help me, Lord!

Calling back focus, the reason behind the inner joy comes to remembrance; Kenya, the world’s dream destination! We may have seen headlines of Kenya at 59, we are familiar with Kenya Decides, and Kenya shines in Great Manchester Run, among many others.

But which one ever handed every member of the nation a tangible piece of the victory loaf? The good news is: Kenya is prone to record the first outbreak of benefits as a national success! In those days, an achievement of what composers of our national anthem aimed for will happen!

A blessed land and nation will be Kenya for you. To be Kenyan will partially achieve what Obama expresses in one of his writings, “To be part of something grand and idealistic.”

The introduction of the Blue Card system will be the nation’s way of giving back to nations. Now, as a consequence of the old school’s book, ‘Our lives today,’ allow me to give an overview of ‘Our lives tomorrow!’

Kenya will be known as the home of champions. Our athletes will naturally dominate the head region.

National games will be friendly matches, thanks to perfectly trained athletes; international games will be free sports clinics for any nation struggling to win.

The education system will be accessible to all Kenyans and elites at each level will be in high demand both nationally and internationally.

Illiteracy will be obsolete and joblessness a criminal offense. Living standards will be standardized to the ability of Kenyans to afford goods at any market price.

Quality products will characterize our farms and fruitfulness will be a constant manifestation throughout the year.

Overflow of tenders for industrial supply will outgrow local market capability, necessitating International business-based partnerships.

Importing goods will be the last resort after exhausting every available local supply. Owning houses will be a requirement for all adult citizens and furnishing them will be the government’s responsibility for standard’s sake.

Surrounded by so great an abundance of provisions, single rooms will be abolished and bedsitters subjected to meeting legal standards.

As a national rule, the family will be the most guarded unit. Homes will be hotspots of unity, peace and love. In view of peaceful societies, ensuring the implementation of hygiene standards, work ethics and code of conduct will be among our judiciary’s major responsibilities.

Our economy will then respond with Health centers as the least demanded facilities. One of its predictable policy recommendations will be a declaration of weekends as no-work-days for people to respond to their body fitness needs.

The same will be responsible for advising the working nation on social, spiritual and financial health. The media industry will be among the most active, exposing endless outbreaks of new dimensions of success every minute!

As the government will be working hard to regulate the number of non-citizens flooding into the country, either for tourism, benchmarking, investing, educational or medical reasons, the Blue Card option will symbolize Kenya’s working theme of ‘Equal chance to succeed for all!’

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Ms Njeri is an Economist by profession, a Writer by passion and she aspires to be an Influential Personality. Her contact:


  1. This is profound 🙏 I agree💯 and fully in support to make this Nation 🇰🇪 a better place than it is now, and all the Glory is to our God 🙏


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