2023 Intake Open University of Kenya
2023 Intake Open University of Kenya

Pacifique Malonga

Prof. Pacifique Malonga is a Rwandan Writer and Independent journalist. African Union Academy of Languages ( ACALAN) Kiswahili Commissioner for Rwanda. His contacts: becos1@yahoo.fr
Kiswahili is spoken by over 200 million people in Africa and beyond. In 2017, Rwanda adopted Kiswahili as its 4th official language after Ikinyarwanda, English, and French. Growing it has been a journey. ILLUSTRATION/Courtesy.
Kiswahili is among the fastest-growing African languages globally. With no language policy to facilitate the implementation of Kiswahili and other languages, it made little progress and, as estimated, only 3% of Rwandans know how to speak it currently. Some Rwandan sociolinguists and researchers have been lately involved in the promotion of the development and use of this newly adopted language. In February...