HEALTH: Nyamira County launches mass vaccination against Covid-19

Nyamira County Health Chief Officer Dr. Jack Magara taking a COVID-19 booster vaccine on February 3, 2022 during the 10-day RRI launch at Nami Secondary School. PHOTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

Over 2,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Nyamira County since the first case was detected in there in June 2020.

According to the county’s health chief officer Dr. Jack Magara, 58 of the 2,064 cases health workers.

One health worker lost the fight from severe effects.

A total of 33 people have since lost their lives from the disease among them county’s first governor John Nyagarama.

“Four patients are admitted at the county’s referral facility and are in stable condition; one is on oxygen support system.

213 are under home-based care”, said Magara.

Speaking during the launch of the mass vaccination exercise at Nami Secondary School, Nyamira County Commissioner Michael Lesmam urged residents not to lower the guard on prevention of the diseases.

Lesmam urged residents to continue observing the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines.

This includes the use of face masks, regular hand-washing and social distancing in public places.

Lesmam warned that those who will not be vaccinated may be barred from getting government services in the County.

He said that he will ensure that the directive from the government on vaccination is implemented fully.

“We are going to be serious on those who refuse to be vaccinated and henceforth, they will not be served in any government or private office or be allowed to attend any public events,” the County Commissioner said.

“We are not going to force you to be vaccinated, but we will not allow you anywhere near government offices or any social place as you will be a risk to those who have taken the jab.”

He went on: “A vaccination certificate will be a mandatory henceforth whenever one seeks any service.

This will ensure that a large number of people are vaccinated”, said Lesmam.

The county has 270,000 people who are legible for vaccination.

The government is targeting a half of the population for vaccination.

103,000 people have received the first jab against the novel Corona virus since March 2021.

67,000 have received their second jab.

1,000 people had received their booster shot by the second day of this month.

Lesmam said that the vaccination campaign is targeting the younger population who are the possible main drivers of the spread of the virus.

School-going children of 15 years and above are the main target in the two- week Rapid Results Initiative (RRI).

“We have noted that the younger population are the possible super spreaders of the virus and need to vaccinate them to ensure that we cover as much as possible and as a country to have at least 80% of the population to develop a herd immunity to improve the levels of safety”, he added.

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