TOURISM: Why the Rift Valley Hills Resort ‘rocks’

Rift Valley Hills Resort. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The feel at The Rift Valley Hills Resort in Kabarnet Town leaves hundreds of revelers coming back for more of the experience especially during holidays.

With music marrying the air and making every breathe worth taking, the Resort has received different guests from all over the world.

This is notwithstanding the challenges brought by the Corona virus pandemic.

The resort has been able to maintain the guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of Kenya.

Last holidays were a nerve soothing period despite the challenges that hit the hospitality sector and the overall economy.

A classy mastery of music by the Disk Jockey is not the only art experience at the resort.

In each evening party revelers would let go as they sung to the melodious songs and moved to their own choreographed performance.

At the peak of 2020, Africa’s hit song originally from South Africa `Jerusalema` kept revelers on their feet at the dance floor.

Unit Manager Oliver Onyango, would go round each table exchanging pleasantries with the guests and inquiring about their meals.

Hospitality is key. It is bringing a new experience to every guest, she said.

“Our local special is served upon request, including the traditional Kalenjin sour milk `Mursic` and our native chicken.

Well, blame it on the Resort`s culture instilled by the very able Managing Director Lydia Dentewo.

Here, every staff member is treated equally, mingle freely.

2021 is full of expectations, expectations of hosting you!

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