SPORTS: Kitui residents endear selves with draught

Draught. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Members of a leading Kitui draughts group conducted a riveting draughts contest recently.

The Nzambani Mixed Talents Sports Club is slowly becoming a household name in the county.

The contest by eight of the club’s 40 members was held at the Kyuluni market within the Nzambani Sub County.

Kalii Wambua emerged the overall winner after garnering a total of 16 points and 38 goals.

And number two was taken by Musyoka Mung’ai with 16 points and 35 goals, followed by Mueke Mutinda with 15 points and 35 goals and Muema Kimanzi settles at position four with ten points and 30 goals.

Muema Muthoka captured the fifth position with 10 points and 26 goals while MalukiMati scooped nine points and 27 goals to clinch the sixth position.

Wambua Kasimu got 6 points and sixteen goals and settled at number seven while Kisuo Kyalo tailed with without a point. He however got 17 goals.

Kalii, who is the club’s chairman, disclosed that the club which was started in 2013 has about 40 members.

He asked interested people to join the club as members.

“The club is open for everyone,” he said adding, “We will be having another contest at the Nzangathi market in Nzambani District soon,” Kalii announced.

He said that they have plans to compete with the Muthurwa Draughts Club in Nairobi in April 2021 through the club’s invitation.

Kalii added that the team competed with a Mombasa draughts club on November 1-2, 2018.

“But we were defeated by the Mombasa team,” he said.

He further announced that the team was out to promote draughts in Kenya.

 “We are working towards being able to take part in international draught contests,” Kalii said.

Kalii is a career policeman and also a retired chief as well as the the Maluma Community Network Chairman.

The network mainly deals with the environmental conservation.

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