Poetry: Home is not home

People walking along the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Many study in the country then go abroad to work. PHOTO/Freedom House.

Long not long ago

Home was home

Home a green home

Home sweet home

Home of black children

When home was home.

But today, we are born in the south

We grow by the west

We work in the states

We die in the south.

A home we abandoned

A home we can’t now call home.

We school in the south by the west

We graduate in the south,

Move to the States to build hustle

Home we leave in shreds,

No one to build the southern homes and hospitals

Home is not home, if it is not home.

Warriors are long forgotten,

We now use askalis,

Ekegusii is bad manners

Swahili is a street language

Dhooluo is lack of civilization

English is power,

home is not home

Today the south is like a desert

Its identity erased

Nothing to show

Home is not home, if it is not home.

Theme: This poem is about how the West is consuming Africa through Westernization. The poem shows how most Africans learn in then run away from Africa and go to work in Western countries, neglecting their home countries.

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Mr. Nehemiah has interests in writing about culture and art, education and literature. His contact: josephatnehemiah75@gmail.com


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