REFLECTIONS: Of cameras and cat’s tears powered by adventure

I don’t know what eats my head but there are times I find it thinking as if something ate it.

Like there are times I think that perhaps laws are there to be broken and warnings are there to be defied.

For consequences tunaonana mbele although this is often not devoid of gnashing the teeth.

You have seen your kid defy warning when he is playing with fire and when the fire works on him, he finds himself washing the eyes.

I recently visited some establishment and the warning at the gate was clear that photography is prohibited.

If you started this story from the top then you definitely recall that I blame something that tempts me to break instructions.

That thing was alive during my visit to the place that I don’t want to disclose for personal security reasons.

I think you are now sure that I took the photo of the the ‘No Photography’ warning!

Out of the blues, some men who were on payroll to arrest me did exactly that.


Well, I ended up eating weevils mixed with maize and beans on the bill of the not so law abiding Kinyans.

I digress.

You already know that Doktari Mobisa Getugi, he who owns a mirror on the head is a Nyagenkean.

If you are not familiar with the mirror on Doktari Mobisa Getugi’s head, then you have not missed his eyes.

I am talking about a Nyagenkean whose confidence and brilliance is evident in the face and talk.

I’ve spent quite a number of days inside metallic birds crisscrossing the world in my mission as Nyagenke’s ambassador at large but if there is a Nyagenkean who fits the billing for globetrotter, then it is Doktari Mobisa Getugi.

I’ve seen many things in this world but Doktari Mobisa Getugi has seen everything, save for Omwana Embombo whom he definitely wishes he never met.

The good people of Nyagenke have been beckoning the son of their soil in the name of Doktari Mobisa Getugi to come and be their chief.

When Doktari came from across the seas and mountains, the Nyagenkeans led by Nyagenke Traditional Dancers received him at Makombi Bodaboda and Allied Locomotives International Airport.

You must have seen the female species of Nyagenke dance themselves as if they were boneless while saying that the man they had been looking for had emerged.

Indeed, when Doktari Mobisa Getugi hibernated soon after, I agreed that indeed this Nyagenkean did not wish to endanger fellow kinsmen at a time when Korondovirus was sweeping through the land like wild fire.

You can now start seeing where I’m coming from when I learn that the man whose grass disappeared and left him with a pumpkin as he swallowed a book after another, found himself in an awkward place recently.

The son of Nyagenke was somewhere doing things meant for adults but the away match came to chew the remaining grass on his head.

The photocopy of Eve who gave company to the Nyagenkean who does not give his barber hard time went ahead and did the unthinkable, by taking photography too far.

While tears of the cat and relatives of tears of the cat took a toll on the Nyagenkean, the photocopy of an individual who saw Satan live-live provided coverage.

When Doktari Mobisa Getugi sobered up, Delilah’s first cousin had finished doing the wrong thing her head had told her to do.

There’s this arrogance that is found in plenty in Nyagenke and perhaps when Omwana Embombo imagined that the Doktari had made her to wash the eyes, she took advantage and vowed to invite people who earn a living from writing about others in meat wrappers to craft the story.

She wanted compensation for washing her very own eyes using her very own water and when Doktari refused, things headed south for him.

When things go bad, they really go bad!

Good Doktari, don’t sink! Next time, issue a disclaimer, or, run!

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Mr. Araka is the pioneer reporter and editor at The Scholar. His satirical segment, The Idler's Corner is very popular with our readers. He is also a published novelist and biographer.


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