APPEAL: Girl urgently needs heart surgery at Sh1.5 million

Sickly 12 year old girl Anne Muthangya. She needs urgent heart surgery. PHOTO/Mzangi Kaluu.

A 12 year old girl from Mui ward, Kateiko village of Mwingi central constituency is in need of urgent heart surgery.

The family is pleading with well-wishers to help them raise a bill of Sh 1.5 million for their last born daughters’ treatment.

“When she started ailing, I thought her sickness would just clear with normal painkillers or antibiotics.

To my surprise, what I thought was just normal growth of a child, turned out to be three years nightmare,” said Stephen MuthangyaMusyoka, father to Anna.

Muthangya said the surgery is scheduled to take place in India before end of March.

Anna developed heart problems three years ago and her parents rushed her to MwingiGeneral Hospital unknown to them being the start of her long suffering.

“It became a routine to us and we have never settled our minds from then. She wakes up today playing like any other child, the next minute she is down with even walking becoming hectic to her. We have visited different hospitals and every time we spend more than sh 25,000,” said Muthangya.

The minor stopped playing with age mates, sometimes she losses weight, her heart pounds faster making her unable to even sit. The father added the sickness has affected her class performance.

From Mwingi, they were later referred to Mater Hospital in Nairobi and given some drugs to control the condition. On October 19, 2020 the condition worsened and she was rushed to Hurlingham Heart clinic where she was diagnosed with severe neutral regurgitation, severe pulmonary hypertension- rheumatic heart disease.

A pediatrician and cardiologist at Hurlingham heart clinic Prof. C.A. Jowi wrote that Anna’s  heart requires mitral valve repair which will cost about sh 800,000 in Mater Hospital.

“I became afraid since I was advised that in Mater, the surgery will be done regularly for her survival but it will come a time they will stop doing it then that’s all,” said the father.

His curiosity of search of cheaper services and permanent solution of the problem led him to KNH on January 14, 2021 hoping to get cheaper service only to be referred to India at a cost of sh 1.5 million together with the expenses. The experts in KNH told him in India, the valve will be fixed permanently and she will recover completely God willing.

“The surgery is scheduled by end of March this year and he has exhausted every single cent he had yet his daughter’s condition worsens. I plead with well-wishers to help me raise the amount and get my daughter treated,” added Muthangya.

Due to Anna’s proper care and monitoring, Muthangya’s wife no longer goes to her menial jobs. He has remained the sole breadwinner to the family which is very tough considering that he works as a driver.

To help Muthangya, one can reach him through his Safaricom line 0712213947 or Airtel number 0735927272.

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